As the experience of Pro100 Event Agency shows, it becomes more and more difficult to surprise guests every year. But we have found something that the biggest gourmets will love. Literally and figuratively!

Cryo ice cream in Kharkiv is a new type of offsite catering that both adults and children are delighted with. We checked it on our clients and the rave reviews of many of them give us the opportunity to say that it is not only beautiful, but also really tasty.

How is cryo ice cream different from usual?

Ice cream is prepared using liquid nitrogen. And all cocktails, drinks or dishes that are prepared using this component are always incredibly beautiful and spectacular. Before your eyes, the liquid turns into ice cream crystals. Your ice cream will not only be spooned from the container, it will be born before your very eyes!

Usually a chef-chemist is ordered for an exit bar with cryo-ice cream. He will not only prepare delicious treats, but also tell funny stories, jokes and even show a couple of secrets of making ice cream with liquid nitrogen.

The show program, along with such an element, becomes brighter and richer. Especially, there are children at the party. Kids love ice cream, even if it's just an ice cream, and what can we say about the magical goodies that appeared in the hands of a talented chef a couple of minutes ago!

Cryo ice cream to order is suitable for:

  • Children's party. Birthday, kindergarten or elementary school graduation is a great reason to order a bar with cryo-ice cream. Such an unusual surprise will help your child remember this day in colors.
  • Summer corporate party. Heat, sun, summer ... and ice cream. This is probably one of the first associations that come to mind. Your staff will thank you for ordering a bar with cryo-ice cream, because this is an amazing escape from the heat.
  • Presentation. Many brands, demonstrating their products or services, hold special events and presentations for their regular customers. We can make branded cups or even branded decor for an ice cream bar in Kharkov, and you will get yourself additional advertising. After all, one cannot but share such beauty.

Do not be afraid to experiment and surprise, because we provide the highest quality and most trendy services in the event field, we care about our clients and strive to make your holiday our little personal victory. Make it pleasant to yourself, guests and even a little to us, because the best gratitude for the organizer of the holidays is the sincere gratitude of the clients and their smile!

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