Delicious, fragrant, freshly brewed coffee is an integral part of any official event. It is simply unrealistic to imagine holding a conference, exhibition or presentation in Kharkiv without a coffee break.

If you want to please your guests with natural coffee and a variety of teas, Prosto Event offers you a coffee bar service.

What event needs a coffee bar?

You can order light catering with a coffee bar, as we mentioned above, for official events:

  • If you are presenting a new product, service or branch of the company, many of the guests may refuse an alcoholic buffet, even if you offer very light drinks. A custom-made coffee bar will help solve this issue and make your acquaintance with your new product a little more comfortable.
  • Workshops and conferences often run for several hours, and sometimes all day. A cup of aromatic coffee with light snacks will help your event participants stay in good shape.

At the exhibition, a coffee bar in Kharkov is perfect if you invite your colleagues, friends or partners to introduce them to your work or creativity. By ordering a coffee machine and catering, you can give them a sign of attention and show care.

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Also, a coffee bar can be the highlight of your private celebration, for example, if it is a "coffee" wedding. Agree, because among your friends there are many people who cannot imagine their life without this hot drink. Not a bad idea for a concept wedding!

Simply Event is your universal assistant in organizing any event!

You don't have to worry about where to get cookies, canapes or any other light snacks for the coffee bar. We will take care not only of the quality of the drink itself, but also that your guests can have a delicious snack.

Offsite catering is one of the most popular areas of our work, so we can offer a wide range of a wide variety of treats. Fruits, vegetarian and vegan snacks, light seafood treats - you can choose the filling of the buffet table at your discretion.

Together with the coffee bar, we will deliver all the necessary equipment and utensils, and, if necessary, we will provide high-class waiters.

If you are planning a themed event or need branding for the coffee break area, our design specialists will prepare several layout options for you so that you choose yours!

Choosing us, you choose a high level of service and a team in love with their work!

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