Do you want to organize a birthday party? Or planning home gatherings with friends? And also a corporate party is just around the corner? Prosto Event has an excellent solution for all occasions - a cocktail bar for departure.

What is an offsite cocktail bar for?

The area with original and delicious drinks 100% will become the most popular place at your event. Indeed, for any holiday, its correct degree is very important:

  • Light drinks will set the mood for the guests and invite them to plunge into the atmosphere of the event;
  • a cocktail bar in Kharkov will brighten up the expectation of guests during a gathering at a wedding or any other private event;
  • cocktails to order from our bartenders are unrealistically delicious and always right on target. Why? Because we coordinate the bar list with clients before any party format.
  • You can order a cocktail bar for a holiday using additional decor. Our decorators can design an exit bar in the style and concept of the event, or use branded materials if you want to order a cocktail bar for a corporate event.

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The cocktail bar is a great alternative to traditional champagne or wine. We will select for you the strength and composition of cocktails, depending on your wishes.

And Pro100 Event bartenders are always ready to suggest what will suit guests the most or prepare an individual drink.

Offsite cocktail bar - price in Kharkov

The cost of an offsite bar to order is one of the most important issues when choosing a company providing services. The price of a cocktail bar will depend on the time of the bar and the bartender, as well as the number of cocktails and drinks that will be used to prepare them.

You should choose us not only because we always strive to create financially beneficial solutions, but also because:

  • We are a turnkey organization, so we can guarantee the quality of all services provided.
  • Delivery and installation of an offsite cocktail bar will take place exactly on time. In Prosto Event, punctuality is one of the main principles.
  • Our bartenders are not only professionals in their field, but also perfectly able to keep up the conversation and warm up the mood of the guests with good jokes.
  • We use only the freshest fruits and certified, high-quality alcohol.
  • You control the bar list, as well as the composition of cocktails. At your request, we can prepare any drinks and even a non-alcoholic bar.

If you have an event coming up, don't forget to order a cocktail bar from Pro100 Event for a successful celebration and good mood.

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