There are things that immediately evoke a good mood and pleasant memories!

Lemonade bar in Kharkiv is a special service with a sunny mood. After all, it is simply impossible not to smile after a glass of soft lemonade, the taste of which reminds us of childhood!

Ordering an off-site bar from our event organization means providing not only tasty and healthy drinks to all guests, but also a positive photo zone! Taking a souvenir photo in such a place is a must have if you book a lemonade bar for a holiday. It doesn't matter if it's a lemonade bar at a wedding or a corporate event.

Depending on the theme and color scheme of the event, we will select the best decor and design for you, as well as help you decide on the tastes of an offsite bar to order.

Lemonade bar for a holiday in Kharkov

Drinks for a lemonade bar: what to choose?

First of all, it is important that we add only natural fruits, berries and herbs to your drinks. No preservatives or dyes, only the most delicious and natural. We offer a wide selection of berry and fruit lemonades, as well as exotic coconut, chamomile or cucumber lemonades.

If your guests are conservative, then choose a classic lemonade or lemonade based on strawberries. If they are ready for experiments, then try something new and be sure that visitors will discuss for a long time and emotionally what non-standard drinks they tried at your event.

If you have any special taste preferences, or want to emphasize the theme of the holiday, we can prepare original recipes for you for a visiting bar!

Exit Lemonade Bar in Kharkov
Exit Lemonade Bar in Kharkov

What is the highlight of the take-out lemonade bar?

  • It's beautiful: bright and juicy lemonades create an atmosphere and add color to the holiday
  • You choose the tastes you want to see in the bar: the limit is only fantasy!
  • Author's recipes - an opportunity to express your taste preferences
  • Lemonades stay fresh for a long time thanks to serving in dispensers
  • The lemonade bar is well suited for both young and adult guests.

You can find out how much it will cost to order a lemonade bar for departure from our managers. Together with you we will choose the most delicious and pleasant option!

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