The main thing is not to stand still. And the take-out bar catering industry follows this rule. Completely new technologies are able to conquer all lovers of delicious drinks and a bright show. Molecular bar in Kharkiv is a unique offer from our event agency. This is an opportunity to add zest to your holiday and give guests unforgettable emotions.

What is a molecular bar?

This is a new trend in bar art. It came, of course, from cooking. For several years, the most famous chefs have been experimenting with the tastes and textures of products, turning them into something extraordinary. The bartenders decided to keep up and now everyone has the opportunity to order a molecular bar to go.

This is the creation of cocktails in which some states of the liquids are changed. Oxygen masks, liquid nitrogen and dry ice are the very attributes that turn a bespoke bartending show into something very special and new. To be honest, the preparation of molecular cocktails resembles a show of mad scientists - it looks very unusual and sometimes it seems that even drinking is simply unrealistic.

It is not only real, but also very tasty. Masters of their craft will prepare your favorite cocktails with a twist. And besides, you will get unrealistically cool photos and videos, because it looks just cosmic.

Molecular bar in Kharkov is:

  • New emotions and taste sensations
  • Fine drinks
  • Bright show for gourmets
  • Colorful photos and videos
  • Surprised eyes of your guests

Our bartenders can give you a real master class and prepare any drink just before your eyes. A holiday in our on-site bar to order will become more original, and your friends will be impressed and will share pictures with their friends for a long time.

A traveling bar with molecular drinks is suitable not only for an adult company, but also for any holiday:

  • Corporate
  • High school graduation
  • Children's holiday
  • Wedding Welcome Bar
  • And much more

Drinks can be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. And everything that happens with cocktails is completely safe for your health and very good for your mood!

When ordering bar catering with such unusual drinks and a bar show, you get a real wow effect, because this is what our public has not yet been spoiled with and you can surprise all your guests!

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