From the end of spring it begins - the season of outdoor recreation. A summer corporate party, a pool party with friends, an informal meeting with partners - all these are events that bring us a lot of pleasure and leave the most vivid memories. How to relax even cooler? Order a bar catering or an off-site bar!

Simply Event offers the organization of an off-site bar with a huge assortment. But among all the variety, the beer bar is confidently in the lead. This format is most often ordered by our clients for both corporate and private events.

Why is it better to order a beer bar in Kharkov with us?

Pro100 Event is a turnkey event organization. It is this direction for us that is the main one, so we always know exactly all the subtleties that our client may encounter when placing an order for an off-site catering or bar:

  • Only high-quality service: our bartenders understand what the temperature of the beer should be, which of the varieties is lighter and suits the ladies, and the taste of which drink is for real men. On-site bartenders from the Pro100 Event event agency are always at their workplace, keep order in the catering area and can answer any questions about the beer bar.
  • We select beer according to your wishes. To ensure you get the most out of our out-of-the-box beer bar service, we will fill it with exactly the varieties that suit your taste.
  • Turnkey service. When ordering the delivery of an offsite bar, you get an integrated approach - we take care of all the worries: transportation, installation, bartender work, dismantling and cleaning. You are just enjoying!

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What kind of holiday is a bespoke beer bar suitable for?

We at Pro100 Event are sure that a reason is not necessary for good rest and entertainment. And if there is a reason, then spending leisure time efficiently is the direct responsibility of everyone. If you choose which off-site bar to order for your event, then a beer bar rental is the best solution for:

  • Big summer corporate party in nature. If you have a large-scale company and you plan to organize a holiday for all employees, then beer as drinks for a corporate party is an excellent solution. The cost of an off-site beer bar will be an order of magnitude less than if it is a wine or cocktail bar.
  • A company that does not consume strong alcohol. If you want to organize a party with friends in a light atmosphere and without alcoholic drinks with a high degree - the beer exit bar is your solution.
  • Relaxation with friends and family. In order for your event to be of high quality, it is not necessary to gather a large company and celebrate in a restaurant. Make your family vacation beautiful with us! After all, a custom-made beer bar in Kharkov is not just beer that you got out of the refrigerator, it is a whole art!
  • Bachelor party before the wedding or just an evening for real men. If you are planning to organize a bachelor party, then a beer bar will perfectly complement it, and a high-quality drink will set the atmosphere for the whole evening. Or perhaps you have a tradition of gathering with friends in a bathhouse or barbecue? Where, then, without beer! And if there is no such tradition, it's time to start it.

You can order beer delivery not only as a separate service, but also together with off-site catering or show kitchen. If you want to know more about our assortment, about prices for an off-site bar or about a turnkey event, we will be glad to hear you by phone on the website or see you as a guest in our office. See you at bright events!

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ?! Would you like us to call you back?

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