Organizing a wedding is a multi-component and complex process, so it is important to think through all the details of your first family celebration so that this day really becomes a dream holiday.

When preparing for the wedding, many newlyweds forget that guests can get bored before the ceremony, because the gathering of guests can last from 40 minutes to an hour and a half!

We have a solution that will help your guests brighten up the expectation of the first appearance of a couple at a wedding and give a good mood - an offsite wedding bar in Kharkov!

What drinks can be ordered for the wedding bar?

The most traditional drinks for a wedding bar are champagne or sparkling wines. These are light drinks that leave a pleasant aftertaste and help guests relax. But at your request, we can arrange an exit bar for a wedding not only with the usual champagne, but also with martinis, whiskey, a variety of wines or author's cocktails.

Also, in addition to alcoholic wellcome drinks, non-alcoholic wedding bars with lemonades or other tasty and healthy drinks are gaining popularity. Such a wedding bar will especially appeal to adherents of a healthy lifestyle or if you have a lot of children at the wedding.

If you want to offer guests a wide selection of drinks, but at the same time not spend all the money in the world, Pro100 Event managers will help you create a bar list and calculate the amount of alcohol per guest.

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A wedding bar in Kharkov is not just drinks!

At an event, a wedding bar can become not only a light aperitif for guests and an opportunity to relax, but also a full-fledged element of decor or part of the concept of your wedding:

  • A wedding bar with jars is perfect for an eco, boho or rustic style wedding.
  • An outdoor bar for a wedding with fresh flowers will perfectly fit into a classic wedding or a wedding where only fresh flowers were used in the decor. It can be a variety of decorations for champagne, wine or martini glasses.
  • Exotic bar for a wedding. Many newlyweds are looking for new formats and ideas for a wedding celebration today. And a jungle-style wedding or an island wedding is no longer uncommon. A wedding bar with pineapples, mangoes and coconuts will delight both with its beautiful appearance and richness of tastes.
  • Personalization is a ubiquitous trend that has made it to bridal fashion as well. Our bartenders can prepare personalized cocktails for your guests according to original recipes. Such drinks "with a twist" will not leave anyone indifferent.

You can now order a wedding bar in Kharkiv from many companies, but only a few can guarantee the quality of their service. We value our reputation and work only with quality ingredients, trusted contractors and experienced decorators. The high quality and reasonable price of the wedding bar in Kharkiv from Prosto Event is something you can be sure of. 

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