Graduation at the University (high school)

Everything comes to an end sooner or later. And it is very important to put beautiful points that would give energy to new stages. Our creative event agency in Kharkov offers the organization and conduct of graduation for universities. This is a separate category in our work, which we approach with special attention. After all, the graduation at the university is a holiday for adults and conscious people who are finally stepping into an independent adult life.

It is better to entrust the graduation from the university to experienced specialists. Why? Because it is difficult to predict all the subtleties of such a large-scale event the first time. What is important not to forget when preparing for the celebration of the prom:

  • Calculate and distribute the budget in advance
  • Prepare an untouchable stock (anything can happen)
  • Find a good graduation photographer
  • To stipulate the working hours of the DJ at the graduation (very often on such holidays there is a misunderstanding when the DJ wants to go home, and the soul of the students is torn to dance)
  • Provide security at the prom
  • A doctor or at least a good first aid kit can solve very unpleasant problems. Better, of course, if nothing happens, but this way you will be sure that everyone will remain safe and sound.

How to choose the theme of the prom at the institute?

This is probably one of the most difficult questions. Prom ideas can be very diverse. It doesn't matter if you decide to order the organization of graduation from experienced event managers or trust someone to hold the holiday on your own - you still have to make a choice. How to solve the problem when everyone wants different things?

  • Conduct a survey among the course and select the most frequently recurring topics. Then, among these ideas, hold a vote and determine the winner. So you can honestly, fairly and quite simply decide the issue of choosing a topic for your graduation at the university.
  • Appoint a responsible person. Usually these are the prefects. These people decide for themselves what will be at the prom, and everyone else just comes and rejoices at the holiday. On the one hand, it makes life easier for everyone. On the other hand, it complicates it for the elders.
  • Trust "third" parties. Event to the agency in Kharkov, the administration of the university. Maybe even to parents - different things can be. So the graduates have no problems. But the likelihood that something will be wrong is quite high.

If you choose us to organize your graduation, we develop several concepts for you, select artists for the graduation, help with the choice of location for the prom, and also resolve all controversial and controversial issues during preparation for the holiday.

By entrusting us with the conduct of the graduation ceremony at a higher educational institution, you get confidence in the quality of the holiday. You can order the organization of a graduation or any other event right now. We are always glad to give you a smile!

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