Podium as an Event Location Element

Equipment rental for your event may include a podium - a convenient platform for a concert or theater show, fashion show, presentation or performance in any other format. You can put it both outdoors and indoors - the practicality of this item is in its maximum versatility.

Podium Rental: How to Use This Opportunity?

When discussed party equipment rental, sometimes customers cannot decide what they really need - a podium or a stage. But there is a difference!

On the podium, as a rule, they do not put any sound equipment and equipment for special effects - it is needed purely so that the place for the performance is a level higher than the rest of the territory on which the audience will be located. The podium is not equipped with a roof or vertical support structures, like a stage. And in general, the podium is not intended for professional concerts, although, if it is impossible to set up a stage, music performers can also sit on it.

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But there are many other possibilities for using the podium. For example, it is possible to hold demonstration performances of dancers or, for example, bodybuilders. From the podium you can show an acting performance, a one-man show. It will also be convenient to hold a lecture, seminar, creative meeting or other event in this way, which is based on the communication of a person on the podium with the audience.

Equipment rental for events in Kharkov - this is what allows the podium to be adapted to a specific scenario. For example, chairs, a podium, a music stand, microphones on stands, etc. can stand on it.

The convenience of the podium is that it is made up of sections, and thanks to various options for joining sections, it can be assembled into different shapes. For example, for the “passages” of models at a fashion show, a catwalk is assembled, which is also called “tongue”. But if a podium is needed for a performance in a hall where the audience seats are on all four sides, the podium is assembled into a square or rectangle, and placed in the center - so that the speaker can be seen from everywhere.

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If some large room is turned into a location for a club event with a DJ set, then the DJ himself at the console can work on the podium and, for example, dancers can perform.

Any removable cover can be laid on the surface of the podium - fleecy carpet, linoleum, etc. This may be necessary for dancers, athletes or actors performing in special shoes or barefoot. A decor rental and rental of equipment for lighting effects will make it possible to turn the entire podium or part of it into a photo zone. In addition, a banner or background for a photo zone can be placed on the podium.

A podium is also good for demonstrating various items. It can accommodate art objects in the exhibition center, any goods or innovative presentation equipment, or other objects on the podium itself, tables, pedestals or supports.

Catwalk and Party Equipment Rental

Additionally, equipment can be installed on the podium. This is done, for example, if the podium replaces a full-fledged stage. In this case, they put speakers on it, and microphones on stands, and musical instruments, and everything else that is needed for a performance - rent a set of equipment also possible with Pro100 Event. It is also possible to place lighting equipment around the perimeter or in the corners, which will illuminate what is happening on the podium from the bottom up.

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Equipment rental for corporate parties and other holidays often includes a karaoke system with plasma and speakers in the general set of equipment. And for a karaoke party, it is the podium that is also very convenient, and not the big stage. It can be placed anywhere - even in a restaurant, even in a loft, and there is enough space on it to put the equipment and leave enough space for a singing person. In this way, you can organize karaoke even in the fresh air - for example, in the courtyard of a cottage.

Special effects for rent for placement on the podium, it makes sense to take only those that should also work from the bottom up - these are, for example, spark throwers, soap bubble guns, smoke machines.

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