Music, dance, songs and laughter are R&B party! Children and teenagers love this musical direction and they will be happy celebrate your birthday in the theme of R&B culture. Pro100 Event Agency will make a children's holiday fun, stylish and unforgettable!

We will arrange a holiday in the rhythm of R&B!

  • Unique Scenario Any party begins with getting to know the birthday boy and his hobbies. For each child, we create unique scenarios, focus on favorite performers.
  • The best locations of Kharkiv - We will advise where to spend themed children's birthdayfor the comfort of all guests. In the warm season, you can hold a party outdoors.
  • Talented decorators R&B is brilliance! We will make creative invitations, decorate the location with balloons, garlands, twinkling stars, arrange a silver show or confetti rain. Kids will feel like celebrities on the red carpet!
  • Fun show — In holding children's holidays in Kharkov talented showmen and animators participate. They know how to put on a colorful show. The birthday boy and his guests are waiting for modern dance master classes, rap battles and other dance and music competitions. A cheerful mood will be supported by a DJ and MC.
  • Photo and video shooting – At the request of parents, a professional photographer and / or operator will shoot a holiday for children. Decorators will arrange a spectacular photo zone and take care of the props.

Trust our experience

Over 5 years Pro100 Event Agency holds themed birthday parties for children. We will offer a lot of ideas for R&B topics and organize the whole process. Sound, light, decor, costumes, a birthday cake and a candy bar, artists of different genres and even concerts of stars - all your wishes will come true in the celebration scenario.

Prepare baseball caps and sneakers, learn dance moves and popular R&B songs. FROM Pro100 Event Agency it will be fun!


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