"The Stolen Princess" is a Ukrainian cartoon that captivated children and adults with a fascinating story about the love of the knight Ruslan and the daughter of the prince, Lyudmila. Adventure, comedy and romantic story fits perfectly on children's party script. If your child likes this cartoon, we suggest organize a birthday party for the stolen princess.

Children's birthday in the style of "The Stolen Princess"

We will prepare several scenarios for different ages and number of children. For example, you can organize a birthday at the cinema, renting a hall for watching a cartoon. Or install a projector in an apartment, a banquet hall or a children's room. View "The Stolen Princess" easy to combine with a sweet table, and after the cartoon, the animators will hold quizzes and contests based on the plot.

Good option for older kids quest. Participants will complete various tasks to overcome the evil sorcerer who wants to sacrifice Lyudmila to the dark forces. Having passed birthday quest, the children will receive gifts, and the birthday boy will receive a birthday cake.

How to Organize a Stolen Princess Birthday Party

While you're just thinking about holiday theme, Pro100 Event Agency knows what to advise you. Imagine: on Child's birthday come professional animators in costumes of the main characters of the cartoon. They get acquainted with the birthday boy and his friends, talk about themselves and involve children in the fairy-tale world. And then competitions, quizzes, songs, dances, gifts and a handsome cake follow.

We will take care of creating the right atmosphere that will allow everyone to immerse themselves in the story. "The Stolen Princess". Decorators will decorate the location, make beautiful photo zone, reserve the table and candy bar. Your task will only be to approve the script and choose the decor. And also - the pleasure of the holiday and the contemplation of happy smiling children!

"The Stolen Princess" - unusual, memorable and fun Birthday in Kharkov. Pro100 Event Agency will do everything to the highest standard! The birthday boy will be happy, as will his friends.


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