Probably the cutest prank in our arsenal. Pro100 Event Agency invites you to just cuddle!

The Hugs Raffle is the same version of the rally that will suit anyone at any time of the year and for any reason. And even for no reason, just if you want to cheer up your loved one, organize a rally with hugs for him.

What is this: a rally with hugs in Kharkov?

This is the sweetest and most enjoyable prank. No one will be nervous, nothing will burn, and you won't even have to run away from anyone. All day long, the culprit of the draw, whether it is in honor of his birthday or for no reason at all, will meet people who will ask them to hug. It can be just like ordinary people, passers-by. So are the children or the workers of the rescue services.

Everything can start, like in the movies, with a girl with the words "hug me". And then - you can arrange a whole "hugging" flash mob! Be sure that such a cute prank can melt the heart of even the most severe and stern uncle. And to cheer up a sad girl - and even more so.

In fact, to conduct such a rally, you need to know little: the route of the person we will be playing, his weaknesses (whom he cannot refuse to embrace) and how many hugs are needed to make a smile appear on his face. That is why an urgent order for the organization of the drawing is possible. Literally in a day we can do everything to make your dear person melt into a smile.

What is the advantage of playing with hugs?

Of course, the indisputable advantage is the mood. The person being played does not need to be nervous or stressed. Only if he is afraid of hugs, which happens very rarely. This is the calmest and most touching prank you can think of.

Its cost is small. If we work according to a simple scheme, without adding special effects and complex scenario solutions, the price will be very affordable.

Rapidity. Just a day (better, of course, a couple) and we are ready to implement the rally. Such efficiency plays into the hands if you ran in or found out about the event by accident. Your original gift will be ready to please the culprit of the draw very quickly.

Is it easy to organize the draw yourself?

Despite the fact that the rally with hugs is very simple in terms of the scheme and implementation, even here there are pitfalls. Therefore, we recommend that you seek the services of professionals.

Firstly, we have experience in holding different events and we know what, where and when can go wrong. Secondly, we will do it efficiently and quickly. You will save yourself from unnecessary nerves and worries. Thirdly, we know how to protect you from unnecessary spending, and the price of the drawing in Kharkov did not cost you like an apartment in the center.

We are trusted by those who take care of the mood of loved ones and value their time.

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