Want to make an unforgettable birthday present? To make it fun, unusual and original!

We offer an original version of congratulations on your birthday or any other holiday that will give you a lot of emotions. Present the culprit with a draw!

One of the original draw options - prank involving homeless people.

A draw with homeless people in Kharkov - what is the essence?

How it will look prank with homeless people? There can be several options for holding a drawing, among which there are both the most innocuous and those that will make the birthday boy nervous.

For example, the team of our event agencies in Kharkov offers such a drawing format. The birthday boy or birthday girl gathers a group of friends in her private house, at the time appointed for gathering guests in the yard two bums make their waywho are having their feast in the middle of an open area. They sing songs, have sincere conversations and do not pay any attention either to the indignation of the owners of the house, or to the gathering guests.

One of the guests allegedly calls the police. A few minutes later, the police arrive, after a short debate, together with the guests and those notorious homeless people, the police perform a birthday dance or bring flowers and champagne for the birthday boy.

How realistic is a prank with bums?

The idea of a prank with homeless people - not news at all. In the arsenal of many agencies for organizing and holding events, as well as developing original greetings, this option has been around for a long time.

But only our agency can guarantee you that in prank with homeless people everyone will believe. We cooperate only with professional actors, carefully work out the script for the draw, adapt the script for the draw for a birthday, corporate party or family holiday, select the props to the smallest detail. And, frankly, we convey even the "special" smell of this rally with precision.

Many seek to move away from banal congratulations and are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd of guests. Organization of the draw in Kharkov the price of which is not at all higher than those gifts that we are used to frying the most dear people, this is the very uncommon way to surprise anyone.

Raffle from the Pro100 Event Agency team as if it will not leave anyone indifferent and the birthday man will remember him for a long time! All you need to do is just dial our number or come to our meeting!

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