Want to donate original gift to a friend? Or make your significant other remember this day forever?

Organization of the draw with a unique scenario - a special offer from the event agency "Pro100 Event Agency". Our experts will make sure that you manage to play anyone as brightly and positively as possible.

One of the most relevant options drawing for the holiday or any other event - organizing a rally with madmen.

How to play a prank on a friend? Make him wait all day unexpected encounters with madmen... Such idea for a prank surely it will not seem trivial to anyone, especially our specialists in organizing events in Kharkov, together with you they will work out a unique scenario of this day, select actors and their types, solve questions about the props for prank with crazy.

We will save you from any minor problems with the organization of the drawing and will do everything so that the surprise takes place at the highest level.

What is the difference between a professional drawing and organizing a drawing on your own?

Organize a draw with your own hands, sure you may. And if you have enough experience, imagination and acquaintances, then it is likely that it will turn out to be very interesting and unusual. However, you will face many difficulties and details that professionals, due to their knowledge and previous projects, will provide in advance.

This will help to avoid clutter during holding a drawing and will become a guarantee of high-quality organization of the event. The idea for the draw will be implemented as close as possible to the planned plan, and you can calmly observe from the side.

Our team of event managers has been working for several years, so we know exactly how to choose actors to play with crazy and not only where you can save on a gift or how to make the congratulations as enchanting as possible.

For you to remember prank involving madmen as bright as possible, Pro100 Event Agency invites you to complement original draw photo or video filming. Our experts will create for you vivid pictures or even a short film, which will capture the most colorful moments of this day.

Organization of draws in Kharkov Is a relatively new direction in the event industry, but we are sure that if you once apply for the services of our agency, we will become friends with you for a long time.

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