The best catering for the perfect wedding

Such a unique event in your life as a wedding requires impeccable guest service at all stages of the event. Catering from Pro100 Event will allow you to enjoy this special day with your family and friends, being sure that all issues of cuisine, serving and serving food and drinks will be resolved flawlessly.

Types of catering appropriate for a wedding celebration

The celebration of the wedding in the traditions familiar to us takes place in the format of a feast. This is still appropriate, because a wedding is a long-term event, it is attended by people of different ages and habits, and for everyone's comfort it is better to seat the guests at the tables. Therefore, for a celebration in honor of the marriage, it is optimal to order a catering banquet in Kharkov.

Turnkey catering for a wedding includes table setting, changing dishes throughout the evening, refilling tables with alcohol as needed, as well as serving alcohol with light snacks outside the banquet room. Decorating tables, the hall and the space for an outdoor ceremony is not a catering service in the classical sense, that is, not a job for waiters, but you can additionally order decor from Pro100 Event Agency.

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Catering and catering restaurants are what you need if you are planning an unusual wedding: in a certain style, at a non-standard location, focused on a specific contingent of guests. Both the menu, and the cost of catering, and the format of the event itself and its service can be discussed on an individual basis. For example, it can be a summer outdoor wedding in a picnic format or a “club” wedding with dances, a “cocktail” wedding on an equipped rooftop or a creative concert wedding. And high-quality catering is the one that is comfortable for you and your guests, and not just the one that meets the generally accepted ideas about the “correct” wedding!

What can be included in VIP catering (Kharkiv) for a wedding? One idea is a cooking show or a bartending show. Unusual serving options are also possible. It is also sometimes possible to distribute the celebration over several zones: for example, classic banquet tables can be served in one hall, and the other will be reserved for dancing.

If there are many families with children among the invitees, then catering in Kharkiv allows you to set a separate table for children, where animators can work with the kids. This decision makes practical sense - so that children do not interfere with the celebration of adults and treat themselves to food from the children's menu. In fact, a children's table is almost the same as ordering a coffee break or other catering services, without serving alcohol and dishes inappropriate for kids.

Catering services at an outdoor ceremony

The solemn part of the wedding, which takes place outside the premises, is the marriage ceremony and the signing of the marriage certificate. Sometimes this solemn moment is arranged near a restaurant complex or at home, where a banquet awaits guests, and sometimes it is really on the road, in some beautiful place, without reference to the kitchen and tables. Catering is needed in both cases - offsite catering (Kharkiv) will help arrange a beautiful ceremony in compliance with all wedding customs in any location chosen by the newlyweds.

What is catering at an outdoor ceremony? There is no talk of a hearty meal, but the accepted course of such an event involves glasses of champagne or light wines. Waiters set up portable tables with glasses and fill them. Also, a cocktail treat, that is, serving wine and fruit, can continue outdoors while guests and newlyweds walk and take pictures. Having ordered catering in Kharkiv, you can arrange this part of the holiday both in nature or on a summer playground, as well as in any rented beautiful hall.

And if the solemn marriage takes place in the registry office, then you can also order catering there - if there are a lot of guests, then the staff will help open champagne and provide everyone with a glass of sparkling drink.

In addition, offsite wedding service may be needed on the second day of the celebration. Traditionally, on the day after the wedding, guests do not go to a restaurant, but to the house of a young family. In modern conditions, of course, it can be a rented cottage, but the concept of celebration is changing significantly - the emphasis is on lighter meals and communication between guests. Usually only close friends and relatives are invited on this day - people talk, eat, take pictures, congratulate the young family. And the staff organizes a light buffet for them or, for example, a banquet with dishes of national cuisine.

Catering for a wedding is always the best investment you can make – you can save on a restaurant, choose a venue that suits you, or celebrate your marriage in your own home.

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