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Catering and catering restaurants is a trend that is becoming more and more relevant in our country. We offer you professional catering in Kharkov. Pro100 Event Agency can arrange for you a full range of services for events of various types in the locations where you would like to hold your event.

What is catering?

Catering service is a set of services of waiters, baristas, cooks, bartenders, banquet organizers. These staff set tables, serve meal changes, serve drinks, make sure that guests have enough drinks and snacks, clean and wash dishes after the event, etc. Catering may also include the preparation of certain types of food and drinks on site. For example, if the event takes the form of a barbecue picnic, or a coffee break with hot drinks and sandwiches, or a celebration with “street food” and, for example, fresh lemonade. All these treats are prepared quickly, by order of each specific guest and literally in front of his eyes.

Thanks to us, you will get the opportunity not to worry about holding your event: our staff will do everything so that guests can have fun and enjoy food and drinks. And the difference from the usual restaurant service is that all these services can be provided on the road - almost anywhere, and not just in a particular restaurant.

You can order catering to the location where you need it: to your office, to the mansion reserved for the party, to any summer playground. Sometimes the visiting team is even invited to a restaurant complex or cafe at the customer's choice, if the service of the establishment is not satisfactory in terms of the quality or format of the services provided. 

Catering services in Kharkov that we can offer

There are different types of catering. It is possible to order turnkey catering - that is, use the services of different employees and generally not take on any troubles in arranging the "table" at the holiday, only enjoying the festive atmosphere and drinks and snacks offered on time. A fully expanded catering team can include a chef who will prepare meals right before or even during the event so guests can enjoy freshly prepared delicacies.

Off-site catering (Kharkiv) - these are several standard sets of services that differ depending on the types of events. Let's say a client can order a catering banquet in Kharkiv - and this event will be fully organized, from food delivery to dish washing. We also have proposals for organizing a buffet, picnic, wedding table, you can order a coffee break or other catering services from us.

You can use a separate service - for example, invite waiters to a classic cocktail party, the opening of an exhibition or other cultural event, where they only need to offer glasses of alcoholic beverages and trays of light ready-made snacks to guests.

What determines the cost of catering?

When calculating the budget for high-quality catering, they take into account, first of all, the duration of the event and the number of guests.

However, it also matters in what format the event will take place - whether each guest needs to be served ready-made meal changes, or whether the format involves elements of self-service. So, to organize a buffet at a corporate party, you need fewer waiters than for a classic wedding banquet. If guests are given the opportunity to take glasses and snacks themselves, then an excessive number of staff can even interfere.

In addition, it takes into account whether the food will need to be prepared on site, or whether it is only necessary to serve and serve pre-ordered ready-made meals and products. And cooking can mean both the creation of street food masterpieces or author's cocktails, as well as simpler tasks - cutting sandwiches and fruits, serving coffee from a coffee machine, etc. Depending on the complexity, the team may have a highly qualified chef or just an additional employee who will cope with the preparation for serving simple snacks. This will also affect the budget of the event.

VIP catering (Kharkiv) is a service that is carried out quickly and in a timely manner, but does not give guests the impression of an intrusive service.

Having ordered catering in Kharkiv from us, you can also rent portable restaurant equipment, textile table decor and even furniture - for example, chairs for outdoor receptions or barbecue parties.

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