A unique offer for organizing events in Kharkiv and beyond is a custom-made molecular outdoor kitchen. Now cucumber foam, edible stones and eggplant dessert, for example, can easily be on the buffet table during a conference or a gathering of guests at a wedding.

A traditional buffet table with canapes or other light snacks will never lose its relevance, but you can please and sometimes even shock your taste buds only by ordering an off-site molecular cuisine.

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What is molecular cuisine to go?

The main idea of molecular cuisine is to give food unexpected shapes and textures. Whiskey caviar or coffee spheres, cherry spaghetti, fish candy and much, much more can be on the table of your guests.

Pro100 Event not only offers to order off-site buffet catering, but also turn it into a full-fledged interactive zone where guests can taste several textures of the same ingredient, learn more about the cooking process, and even take part in the creation of haute cuisine masterpieces on their own.

Under the clear guidance of the chef, all invitees will be able to work with liquid nitrogen or “cook” caviar. Believe me, such culinary magic will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children!

Is molecular cuisine safe?

At first glance, it may seem that the chemical processes carried out with food are something harmful and completely unsafe. But this is just a delusion:

  • For molecular cuisine dishes, only the freshest and most natural products are used, since these properties of food are very important for that same culinary magic to happen.
  • All products, moreover, everything in the world around us consists of chemical elements and the task of chefs working with this technology is simply to correctly influence a particular product using temperature or combination of elements. Synthetic dyes or harmful chemicals are the exception rather than the rule in molecular cuisine.
  • A process such as frying, which makes food greasy and unhealthy, has nothing to do with molecular cuisine. Therefore, we can say that food prepared using this technology is healthy food for an event.

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ?! Would you like us to call you back?

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How much does it cost to order a molecular take-out kitchen?

Ordering an original outdoor buffet will not cost much more than a traditional buffet menu. What affects the cost?

  • Number of guests. It is important to consider how many visitors will be at your event: the number of products and the amount of work the chefs will do to prepare the dishes depend on this.
  • The duration of the zone. If you plan to place an order for the work of molecular cuisine during the gathering of guests or throughout the entire event, this can also significantly affect the final cost.
  • The price of a molecular buffet varies depending on the selected menu.

These are the main positions, understanding which, we will provide you with a detailed calculation. Also, as part of the organization of the work of the molecular kitchen, various master classes and even lectures for all guests can be held.

You can order an original buffet for a wedding, corporate party or even a children's birthday with a simple click of a button. Leave a request on the site and together with you we will develop an individual content for your menu, think over its concept, and decorate the event with a bright and impressive show program from chefs!

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