The tea ceremony has been one of the cultural markers for some nations for millennia. And the event agency Pro100 Event, Kharkov, invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of this beautiful ceremony.

A tea bar on the road is an opportunity to spend a beautiful family evening or a romantic date in an original way. We will make sure that everything goes as comfortably as possible for you and we will do everything. To leave only positive impressions of cooperation! 

In ancient times, a properly brewed tea drink was considered a medicine, and our tea ceremony masters know how to carry out the ceremony, observing all the traditions.

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What are the types of tea ceremonies?

There are many formats of a tea bar, but the most popular are 4 types. You can choose one of them from Just Event, because in order to organize a tea ceremony to order, we have everything you need.

  • Chinese tea ceremony
  • Japanese tea party 
  • Gongfu Cha ceremony 
  • Tea drinking in English

You can order a tea ceremony of your choice for relaxing with your loved ones, or we can organize several areas of the tea ceremony at once, which will become an unusual interactive area for a corporate party.

Why is it worth ordering a tea ceremony in Kharkov with us?

Pro100 Event Agency is a turnkey event agency, so everything we do, be it a complex organization of a corporate party or a tea ceremony, we do from Ado Ya. 

  • No worries about cups, tables or spoons - we bring everything with us!
  • We have themed props and utensils for organizing a tea ceremony on departure. Details set the mood!
  • Only high quality is a prerequisite for all our tea ceremonies.
  • When ordering a tea bar in Kharkov on departure, you will definitely receive themed sweets or snacks for tea. Each culture has something different - cookies, sandwiches or candy.
  • The high level of professionalism of our masters will help make the rite of tea drinking especially exquisite.

For what holiday can you order a tea bar in Kharkov?

You can order an offsite tea bar for a home meal, a family celebration or a bachelorette party with close friends. This ceremony will perfectly fit into a cozy evening with friends and will help everyone to relax after a busy week of work.

You can also order a tea ceremony when meeting with foreign partners, for example, from Japan, China or India. If you are thinking about how to impress your business partners, then this tribute to their traditions will definitely be to their taste.

The tea ceremony is one of the options for holding meetings for adherents of a healthy lifestyle, because good tea helps to maintain physical and mental health.

If you need advice on the selection of interactive areas for a corporate party, preparation of a business event or a private family holiday - contact Prosto Event and you will have answers to all your questions.

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