What do you get when ordering a bartender for departure

Making drinks is an art that allows you to create an atmosphere, lift your spirits, and even become an element of the show program for a holiday. If you decide to order an off-site bar or bar catering for your event, our event planning company strongly recommends order a bartender for departure. Read about the benefits this provides below in the article.

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Bartender on call in Kharkov - a guarantee of a good mood

No holiday is complete without cocktails and drinks. This can be either an alcoholic bar or a bar counter with non-alcoholic cocktails.

Whatever format you choose, the event won’t work without a bartender!

  • The preparation of drinks happens before your eyes. If order a bartender to serve the event, you can observe what a particular drink consists of, what ingredients it contains and in what quantities.
  • You get the freshest possible drinks.
  • If you order a bar with ready-made cocktails, of course, you will also get tasty and beautiful drinks, but many ingredients may lose their properties over time. For example, soda, soda, champagne or prosecco will lose their fizz.
  • Bartender for a corporate party or birthday - This is an additional way to entertain guests. After all, making drinks is an art using shakers, many bottles and even fire. It is interesting and exciting to watch the work of professional drink mixers.
  • Prepare a drink to suit your taste. Sweet, salty, sweet and sour, spicy. In general, fulfill virtually any of your gastronomic whims.

How can you design a bar counter?

Taking into account our comprehensive approach to holding and organizing events, we always offer our clients not only to order a bar counter for a corporate event or for an outdoor buffet, but also to decorate it thematically.

  • We can select floristry or geometric elements to decorate a wedding bar. In this case bartender to order will work in a classic uniform or even (if you prefer) a tuxedo. If you are having a themed wedding, we will select an outfit to suit the task.
  • Create a branded bar counter for a corporate event or exhibition. The work of a bartender in this case will not only give a good mood to the guests at the event, but will also contribute to the popularization of the brand.
  • A children's non-alcoholic bar can turn into a spaceship, a laboratory or a magic castle. A bartender for a children's party into a wizard or mad scientist. Believe me, this decoration of a holiday in Kharkov will set a festive mood for all guests!

Bartender price for travel with a bar counter depends on many factors, such as the length of the rental, the complexity of the cocktails and their components. We will select an option specifically for your event and solve any of the most complex event problems.

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