Do you want to surprise your guests at the celebration literally from the first moment?

An off-site cocktail bar with a very original serving and unusual drinks is an element of the show program that will make your event brighter, more emotional and more interesting.

Pro100 Event Agency brings to your attention a custom-made chemical bar for a wide variety of holidays:

  • Children's Birthday for teenagers will be an exciting adventure for boys and girls. Especially for this format of the holiday, we will select healthy and tasty drinks, which, moreover, will look spectacular and unusual. Ordering a chemistry show along with a cocktail bar to go away is an opportunity not only to entertain the children, but also to instill in them an interest in science.
  • Welcome-bar for an adult birthday. The organization of conceptual holidays is a long-term trend in the world of the event industry. Therefore, if you are planning an anniversary, then you can easily spend it in the Journey to the Future format or visit the scientific laboratory of crazy chemists. This format of the holiday is suitable not only for the younger generation, believe the experience of Prosto Event - guests of any age will be delighted to watch a chemical bar with cocktails to order or a science show. In addition, our bartenders-scientists can "cheat" a lot of tasty, interesting and unusual things.
  • Interactive zone for a corporate party. Company holidays definitely become brighter if they are supplemented with unusual areas for entertaining guests. A bespoke chemistry bar can be a differentiator for employees before the start of a main program, or it can be a full-fledged element of the show.

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What is special about a chemical cocktail bar?

A cocktail bar at a holiday with a bar show always adds bright emotions to the event, and if we add a little more entertainment to the skills of mixing drinks, then we get a chemical bar! Our artists use different chemicals to create beautiful and unusual reactions.

Drinks before your eyes change color, smoke or light up. All this looks very unusual. In addition, we can set the table with cocktails in advance using test tubes or flasks. Agree to drink the "Green Mexican" from a test tube - sounds unusual? Therefore, hurry up to book a chemical bar in Kharkiv for your holiday if you want to surprise your friends or colleagues.

Is a chemical bar safe for health?

Many of us associate the word "chemical" with something unhealthy. However, Pro100 Event Agency is always concerned not only about beauty, but also about the safety of all its rides to order or offsite catering.

All drinks that will be served to guests are completely harmless. We specially select such chemical experiments that do not spoil the composition of the product and do not create any difficulties for our guests.

Some components that cannot be eaten, our chemists-bartenders can use only for entourage and in no case will they end up on your table.

You can order a chemical from us by phone or through the website. If you need a detailed consultation or have any questions about the cost of a chemical bar to go out, whether it is possible to choose drinks for bar catering on your own, or what are the technical requirements for the site where the chemical show will take place, we will be happy to arrange a personal or online meeting for you .

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ?! Would you like us to call you back?

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