What is a Smoothie Bar for?

This drink has long been part of the menu of restaurants and cafes, and the most avid connoisseurs prepare smoothies at home or order smoothies to the office or home.

In our event agency you have the opportunity not only to order the organization of a corporate holiday or private event on a turnkey basis, but also to select individual items that will help create a festive mood and solve your event problems!

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Smoothie bar - who needs it and why?

Despite the rather complex name, this is the simplest and most natural drink possible. Made-to-order smoothies consist of chopped fruits, berries and milk, ice or ice cream - depending on your taste preferences.

  • Smoothie bar for an exhibition or conference. Due to the fact that vegetable or fruit smoothies are quite nutritious, they can become a snack for all event participants and will keep them in good shape throughout the event.
  • For a children's or teenager's party, they will be an alternative to an “adult” bar. After all, many kids want to be like adults, and an on-site smoothie bar is a great option!
  • A smoothie bar for a corporate event is also an opportunity to make a light and healthy snack for employees during the company’s summer holiday. Due to the fact that the smoothie contains crushed ice, the drink will remain cool for a long time. Ordering a smoothie bar for a corporate party is an original and colorful way to give a good mood.
  • Smoothies delivered to the office. Yes, yes, you can order a smoothie not only for a holiday, but also simply as a compliment to office workers or a healthy snack while preparing complex projects.

An on-site smoothie bar, as our experience says, is appropriate anywhere, at any time.

Benefits of a smoothie bar

In order for you to be sure whether you should order a smoothie for your holiday, just read about the beneficial properties of a smoothie bar!

  • Improves mood and raises vitality! Thanks to the many microelements and vitamins contained in the smoothie, you will receive a surge of positive emotions and relieve any stress.
  • Helps remove toxins from the body and cleanse it. Many nutritionists recommend drinking smoothies every day. Perhaps if you decide to order a smoothie bar for a corporate event, it will encourage someone to switch to a healthier diet!
  • Strengthens health and immunity. Due to the fact that 80% smoothie contains fresh fruits and berries, you will receive additional protection for your body.
  • The smoothie bar is beautiful. The drinks are colorful and bright. What is important is without any preservatives or dyes. Just the appearance of a custom smoothie bar can lift your spirits and create an atmosphere.
  • Made-to-order smoothies are incredibly convenient. Order a smoothie at the office, at a corporate event or at an exhibition - you will be able to drink it conveniently and comfortably, even on the go!

For our smoothies, only fresh ingredients and the best equipment are used. We are always happy to become a part of your event and try to make it better!

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