Regardless of the season and weather conditions, it is always a good idea to recharge with vitamins!

We offer you an off-site smoothie bar with delivery to your office, home and any event venue.

Delicious, healthy and unusual cocktails from our bartenders are what will give you a good mood and relieve fatigue. A takeaway smoothie bar is a good idea if:

  • You have a corporate A smoothie bar in Kharkiv is not only an opportunity to quench your thirst, but also to refresh yourself a little. It's fast, convenient and great - for a summer corporate party - exactly what you need!
  • Do you want to please your guests with something unusual? Are you having a house party? Say, it would be interesting to treat all your friends with drinks that are prepared in front of you. And it's easy to do - order a smoothie bar at home.
  • Organize a children's party. Babies love sweet and savory food. Why spoil your teeth with sweets when you can order a smoothie bar on the go!? Everyone is healthy and happy!
  • Love to please your employees. Non-material motivation and comfortable working conditions are what gives maximum productivity for your company. Order a smoothie bar to your office - a good mood and a desire to work for your employees are guaranteed.

In general, smoothies are always a good idea! New tastes, new emotions and new sensations. A bespoke smoothie bar is also suitable for a meeting area for guests at a wedding or birthday party. Add bright colors to your presentation or even a conference.

Smoothie bar - always new tastes!

Another feature of the Made to Order Smoothie Bar is that you can always try something new. Every time for you, our bartenders are ready to look for new tastes and unexpected combinations. Even if you have already ordered a similar off-site catering in Kharkov, every time it will be delicious and interesting in a new way.

What additional features can you order?

There are no restrictions for us, because we work for our clients. You can:

  • Order a themed decor for a visiting bar
  • Submit your own recipes
  • Book a smoothie making class
  • Put on a real bar show

Of course, in order to order a smoothie to work or to the office, you need to coordinate the date and time with our manager, because this takeaway bar is incredibly popular with our customers today. Book a smoothie bar today to make sure you get your delicious smoothie made from natural fruits and berries today.

Smoothie bar to order is:

  • Delicious
  • Healthy
  • brightly
  • colorful
  • Always different and different
  • Are you still in doubt?

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