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In fact, any parent has a question: how to make your child's holiday special? Our event agency has been operating for many years. And we found several solutions. Today we want to share with you what is paper show... This original version of show entertainment for children on the market is relatively recent. But it should be noted that he has already managed to win the love of many clients.

As there are many organizers and ideas for the holiday, so there is many options for paper show... But there is something that unites all entertainment - the paper itself. Material - fairly thick paper, cut into strips. So what is next? Then everything depends on the imagination of the organizer and the customer's requests.

1. What should be the paper?

Everything has its own nuances. This service also has it, because it is intended for our kids. It is worth thinking about the quality of the paper to be sure of safety. So, the paper should be:

  • Dense. Preferably glossy.
  • Soft so that none of the children cuts themselves.
  • High quality so that paper dust does not cover everything around.

And it is important to understand that there will be dust anyway. Whatever the organizers promise you. And, of course, it should be beautiful. After all, we order a show to get a "wow" effect. If the paper is faded or frayed, there will be no result.

How much paper will there be? The amount of paper for the show depends on the area of the room where the event is planned. If you take the average - about 1-1.5 kg per 1 square meter of the room. It is this amount of paper that will be sufficient and will not "clutter" everything around.

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2. Varieties of paper show programs for children

2.1 Silver show

The peculiarity of this option is silver-colored paper strips. This color scheme creates an atmosphere of mystery. Suitable for a children's party in a space or magic theme. Silver show will fit even into an adult party. It will be a good addition to a disco or dance break.

2.2 Golden show

For implementation, cut gold paper is used. A huge number of monochromatic gold stripes add solemnity to the holiday. This option is perfect for elegant and stylish teen parties. Like the silver show, the gold paper show is a more subdued version of the color show.

2.3 Color paper show

If you want it to be very, very bright, choose a show from colored strips of paper. Any color, according to your desire or depending on the concept, or even several colors at the same time. A shot from such a cannon resembles a small but very colorful fireworks. The child will remember the birthday for a long time if you add such a spectacular element to the celebration.

2.4 Paper show with additional special effects

The paper show itself is not everything. It can be supplemented with balloons, a confetti cannon, a wind blower, or even styrofoam. All this will make the service more enchanting and unusual. Our customers especially like the combination with balloons. You can add animators or life size puppets to the paper show. Any of the options will look brighter than the standard program.

3. What is the best location for the organization?

To make the holiday a success, you need to think about the features of its holding. The choice of location is one of the key points. It is a well-chosen place that helps to fully realize the plan. So where is the best place organize a paper show?

  • It is best to avoid open street areas - courtyard, square or park. The paper from your holiday will be scattered across all nearby buildings and trees.
  • It is best to refuse open areas in children's centers and banquet halls. Paper dust and multi-colored stripes on everything the gun took out. And even in your child's salad is not a pleasant experience.
  • Closed areas in children's clubs or any spacious rooms with a minimum amount of furniture - yes!
  • Whether the apartment is a house. Yes it can be. You understand what awaits this room and you can prepare it in advance.

4. How much does a paper show cost?

Price paper show services can be very different. Why? The price does not always depend on the quality of the show or its scale. Some contractors work on the "conveyor belt" - more, but at a lower cost. Someone chooses an option for themselves - they have worked once, live peacefully for three months.

If we talk on average, the price starts from 4000 thousand hryvnia and above. There is one tendency - where there is a large volume of clients and the price is lower, the quality of the show is not always monitored. And vice versa - if the order is one per week, then the preparation for it is more responsible. What will the client choose? Everyone's personal file. But you better pay attention to the reviews.

And the best advertisement is word of mouth. They made your friends cool paper show for kids? Find out who and call that person. Perhaps your friends were just lucky, but this way you have a better chance of getting on a person who knows his business for sure. You can meet with a contractor or animator. In most cases, it is immediately clear from a person what he is. But this recommendation is for those who, well, very carefully prepare for everything.

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ?! Would you like us to call you back?

Fill out the feedback form and our operators will contact you within 10-15 minutes!

5. How to remove "luxury residues"?

Many who are planning a children's party are intimidated by the amount of garbage from the paper show. In fact, everything is not so scary. Children can collect most of the paper themselves in the competition for the fullest bag. Or you will pay extra to the animator and after the holiday he will take all the "surplus" with him. All you have to do is wet cleaning.

That is, in order for the maximum quality effect to be obtained in a room of 20 squares, 20-30 kilograms of paper are needed. If you are a supporter of the theory: more is better, this does not work here. More paper means more dust. And more dust means more garbage and hassle with cleaning.

Never mind silver show or color you choose. With balloons or confetti. With or without life size puppets. This is a bright event that gives a lot of impressions to the child and sometimes, once a year, you can endure a little mess.

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