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One of the most important components of a successful company is a close-knit team. Therefore, all corporations and large branches hold corporate events at least 2-3 times a year. Winter team building usually around New Year's Eve. In the summer, corporate events in nature are preferable for employees.

Good weather, fresh air and a place for fantasy are the main advantages of outdoor recreation. The company helps employees get rid of stress, unite, make new acquaintances, and improve communication. Some companies invite their people along with their families. Why? According to statistics, in organizations where employees are friends, staff turnover is 2-2.5 times less.

What is the peculiarity of the event in nature?

Not always corporate fulfills its tasks: to entertain, to reacquaint, to rally. How so? Sometimes he just lacks originality and a non-standard approach. A feast in the director's favorite restaurant is not the most conducive way to communicate. Employees from different departments do not always know what to talk about, how to start a conversation. To resolve this issue, you need to involve them in joint activities.

This task is best handled by organizing a company holiday in nature. There is a wide range of activities here: from board games and mini-football to real jousting tournaments. Afford hold a team building in this format is possible almost regardless of the budget. Even if you just grill vegetables and meat all together, you are more likely to communicate more easily and freely.

The main law of corporate

There are things to start with when creating any event. And the first event in this format is the date. It is important to notify all employees in advance. And start preparing, too, at least a couple of weeks in advance. This is important because:

  • More employees will be able to come to the event
  • You will be able to prepare the necessary props without fuss
  • The choice of location is only your choice. You won't have to choose from what's left
  • If you are planning interactive zones, animators, artists, you can easily book them without adjusting to someone else's holiday.
  • More time to think corporate party ideas Outdoors

Now in fashion thematic corporate parties. You can give your employees a dress code task. Let it be a small detail: a hat, a butterfly, yellow socks. Doesn't matter. But in the end it will work very well for the overall atmosphere. A margin of time will give the probability that more than half will complete the task.

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How to organize team building outdoors?

Location selection

We decided on the date, now the important question is: where are we going?

Pleasant weather outside gives room for fantasy. You can go to the forest, to the beach, to a country complex, to a recreation center, or come up with some other unexpected outdoor location. Let's look at every idea for a corporate party nature in more detail.

1.1 Rest in the forest

This option is probably the most cost effective. Firstly, you can choose a place near the city and then you will not need special transfer costs. Secondly, renting gazebos will cost several times cheaper than renting a recreation center or an entertainment complex. And in extreme cases, you can just sit in a clearing in the forest. Thirdly, saving on food and alcohol. You can just buy everything in the supermarket.

There are several downsides here:

  • Dependence on the weather. It will rain - there will be no corporate party
  • Self cooking. Not everyone wants to stand by the fire on the weekend.
  • Insects and other living creatures. We all react differently to mosquito infestations.
  • Spartan terms. Not everyone is enthusiastic about gatherings on the grass and rough food

If you have a young, sports team that loves outdoor activities, kayaks, tents and campfire entertainment - yes, this is a good option. Otherwise, consider something else.

1.2 Country complex

Modern boarding houses or recreation centers are a godsend for those who organize large-scale events. Here you can implement any idea for a corporate party in nature regardless of difficulty. Those wishing to stay overnight can easily settle in the comfortable rooms of the complex. For everyone else, you probably need to arrange a transfer.

But, such establishments will not necessarily be located far outside the city. Most likely, most of the employees will be able to come on their own. Here you can always find activities: volleyball, basketball, catamarans. Many complexes are equipped with swimming pools. All this gives an unlimited field for imagination. And for employees - the opportunity will dissipate.

1.3 Entertainment complexes with a swimming pool

Camping is good, but sometimes there is no opportunity or desire to go somewhere far away. In Ukraine, there are many pool and entertainment complexes within the city. This is a good alternative to a trip to the countryside or to the sea. To relax under the sun, with a cocktail in hand at the end of the working week is a very good prospect.

On the territory you can organize competitions for corporate parties in nature. Aqua aerobics, water polo, water pistol competition. Perhaps there will be no such unity with nature. But the company's employees will definitely spend time with pleasure and profit.

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How to organize team building outdoors?

Script and theme

What will be the corporate party depends on the employees of the company in the first place. But everything can be done so that even the most inactive and unengaged employees become part of the team. That's why it's so popular right now. thematic corporate parties. What idea for a corporate party in nature to choose? This is purely individual. Each company and each event has its own original timing, script and plot.

We will share with you a couple of ideas, or even we can say, indicate a couple of directions:

  • Circus party: guests are entertained by mimes, acrobats and clowns. You can arrange juggling competitions or a performance of circus animals.
  • Gangster corporate
  • In search of treasure. The format of the quest is something that is interesting to everyone, regardless of age and status.
  • Corporate in the theme of the country: Mexico, Spain, Africa, France. As much as you like!

If you add a little “raisin”, the event will become much more interesting and eventful.

What's on the menu?

Food is something that remains an invariable component of any event. Are you celebrating the New Year, wedding or birthday of the company. When compiling the menu, it is important to consider the format of the event and its duration.

If you are planning a holiday with a buffet table, it is best to choose small snacks. Tartlets, skewers, mini-burgers - in general, everything that can be eaten standing up. More hearty meals will create discomfort. This format is fine. If your holiday is not longer than 2-3 hours and is designed for a large number of people. Given the fact that corporate in nature - think about how nothing has time to overheat, wind or disappear.

If you are planning to hold a corporate party traditionally - at the table, but in an open restaurant or on the veranda, think about how different dishes are presented: fish, meat, poultry. Everything should be light and not greasy, as heavy food can make you sick in the sun.

We will drink?

Sure, we will. Beverages. You can’t do without them, especially in nature. It is important to remember that there is clean water without gas in sufficient quantities, as well as juices or fruit drinks. Firstly, there may be children at the event who want to drink. Secondly, if it's daytime and it's warm outside, you don't always want to drink alcohol. Thirdly, from alcohol in the heat it becomes ill. Better let it not be so spectacular, but everyone will be healthy.

When it comes to alcohol, employees will enjoy delicious cocktails much more than hot champagne. Choose something light that is drunk chilled. Going completely without alcohol will not be easy. Unless your company follows the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Then the absence of alcoholic beverages will fit well into the concept.

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How to organize team building outdoors?

Entertainment time: what to do with employees?

The most important thing in a corporate party is not where it will be, and not even what the people who come will eat. Atmosphere and mood are important. It can be created with the help of contests, interesting show content and activities during the event. Now master classes are popular. This is a non-standard way to spend time fun and usefully.

A lesson in painting in nature or making ice cream, perhaps someone is interested in salsa or yoga, or maybe one of the employees has long dreamed of grilling meat like a chef? Give your employees this opportunity. Such activities will help them to relax and learn something new.

Arrange team competitions: football, paintball or even laser tag. Playing against each other, team members unite, get to know each other and become closer. It is important that the composition of the teams is constantly changing, and we receive comprehensive communication. You can arrange a competition for the most active "vacationer" and at the end of the evening give him a prize. What will be the evaluation criteria and the prize - choose for yourself. And employees will have additional motivation to take part in activities.

Let us shed light and sound in this forest!

If you are planning an outdoor event, you should think about the technical equipment of the site. Some suburban complexes have their own stationary equipment. But it is not always enough. You have a large-scale event - make sure that everyone sees and hears everything. It is important that there are always people on the site who are able to eliminate possible problems and resolve issues during the holiday.

It is better to entrust the technical side of the support to experienced producers. They will tell you how much, what, where and why you need. This will save you time, nerves and money. It is unrealistic to sort out a colossal amount of equipment in a couple of minutes on your own.

What can't be forgotten?

Organization of a corporate party for several dozens and even a centurion of people - the mission is incredibly difficult. It's better when it's done by professionals. Event agencies or event department that work through everything in detail and step by step. In addition, if you turn to the services of holiday organizers, all employees can relax.

But there is a point that even the most experienced event managers can sometimes forget about. First aid kit and security. It is always worth remembering that corporate in nature is a high-risk area. Burns, abrasions, cuts, insect bites, and so on - something that can easily spoil the event of the entire organization. Get ready. If the event is more than 30-35 people, you should think about a person who can provide first aid at the location.

How much does it cost to organize a team building in nature?

Price for a corporate party is a multicomponent concept. It depends on the number of participants. What menu format will you choose and how long will the team building itself take. If you plan to take the whole day, you will need to feed everyone at least 2-3 times. This affects the corporate budget.

The venue is one of the most expensive items. If you choose a country complex, then you need to rent the entire site so that there are no strangers.

Also, the final amount is affected by the content: the cost of the presenter, animators, activity points on the site. The more you put in the show program, the more expensive the corporate party will cost you.

Instead of output

So to have a good corporate party there is an incredible amount of detail to consider. Some pitfalls become visible only during the event itself. The main thing is not to lose a positive mood and remember that team building task – maintain a correct and emotional background and help employees communicate.

And if it started to rain, the bus got stuck, or one of the contractors for some reason did the wrong thing - all these are trifles that can be solved. And sometimes even turn it into a highlight or a little adventure. Have a good and productive rest together with colleagues!

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