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If you have a company and people work in it, sooner or later this topic will touch you. According to statistics, almost 50% of a person's life is spent at work. This time should be spent for the benefit of both the manager and the employee. Therefore, we propose to talk about what is team building?

This method solves many problems. For example, you can improve the efficiency of the enterprise. Build relationships within the team. Harmonize the interaction of different departments. And just create a good atmosphere.

Today, such games for rallying are becoming more and more popular. In practice, they are proven to be effective and affect productivity. Those companies that organize such events have a healthier microclimate. "Turnover" in such organizations is also much less.

1. Mission Possible: Understand what team building is?

At its core team building It's the same command. This is often called a series of actions aimed at raising the level of team effectiveness. This practice, of course, is similar to team sports. Agree, if the players on the field do not work harmoniously, nothing sensible will come of it. And they won't see victory. So it is in business.

Today, rallying games are one of the most popular types of corporate management. They allow you to manage your staff more successfully. Teams are made up of specialists from different departments. At the same time, it is important that each of the groups have equal strengths: not only the same number of people, but also men-women, extroverts-introverts, creative performers.

The main criterion for evaluating such an event is how noticeable the effect is after. The agency can make you just a mega creative event. In this case, there will be no result. So, it was a bad team building, although, maybe, a lot of fun.

2. How is team building different from corporate leisure?

Running in bags and aqua aerobics - tell me, cool? Yes, cool and fun. However, this is not exactly team building.

It is important to distinguish between the concepts: team building, team spirit and team fun. It was the first name that took root in our latitudes. And so they call all types of corporate games. But there is a significant difference:

  • Team building is a more serious work on corporate connections and relationships.
  • Team Spirit is aimed at building unity, setting common goals and motivations.
  • Everything that the employee does together: go to the theater, play a console or jump in the same bags, is called timfan.

All these activities are necessary, however, they are aimed at different areas of the company's life. Corporate events can significantly affect the internal and external state of the company.

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3. Do all organizations need it?

Yes, if your team has more than 5-10 people. And it does not consist only of close comrades. Let's try to figure out why. To do this, we define goals and team building tasks.

3.1 Motivation

One of the main tasks assigned to this corporate form of activity is motivation. Working together on a task, people find new sources of inspiration. They become more productive. Open new personal opportunities for growth by working in a team.

3.2 Trust and mutual understanding

When performing tasks, employees trust each other. In the team, each of them has his own task, for the implementation of which he is responsible. The rest has nothing left but to trust. But at the same time, in case of problems, all members of the organization come to each other's aid. The final result of the game depends on this. Agree, it would be nice if the company's management was built this way?

3.3 Healthy competition

The desire to be the best in the team is wonderful. But if the desire for superiority prevails over the benefit of the organization, this can have negative consequences. Team building helps to establish cooperation without aggressive competition.

3.4 Corporate spirit

Low turnover and high productivity are often the result of non-financial incentives. Employees are attached to the company, they feel part of it, and a warm friendly atmosphere reigns among colleagues. In this situation, the salary fades into the background. An increase in wages by an insignificant amount is unlikely to be able to "poach" such an employee to competitors.

3.5 Increasing the authority of the leader

it purpose and purpose of team building not the most obvious. But, it is worth noting that a director who cares about his employees receives much more support in the team. Such employees endure crises more easily and are ready to work above the norm. Adherents of the management system are able to support its decisions in more ambiguous situations.

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4. Where is the best place to organize?

 You have already thought about what your company needs. The next question is what place to choose for the event?

Here, in fact, there are no restrictions. You can hold team-building games in the office, on the territory of a recreation center or an amusement park. The place of organization can easily become a sports ground nearby. If you are planning a long-term team building - for the whole day or even a couple of hours - you can choose a suburban complex nearby.

Plus, it often comes down to budget. But not always expensive means "good". There are specialists and companies that in your office for a minimum of funds will do more than others for hundreds of thousands.

5. About the types of team building

The most popular include:

  • Sports
  • Historical RPGs
  • Psychological
  • creative event

Especially often in our time resort to active team building. There can be many options for the development of the scenario. You can roam with options for games, quests and relay races. In addition, in this case we combine business with pleasure: power loads and rest and work on the team spirit within the organization.

Games for the intellect, riddles and logical cases are the activities of a creative event. In the course of active brain activity, all workers are involved in the game. They interact and help each other.

Relax option - holding creative master classes.

Psychological team building involve some activities and communications that reveal the leaders of the team. They teach colleagues to interact with each other with maximum benefit.

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6. Is there a universal method?

You can find a couple of scripts online. The most popular methods have been circulating on the Internet for a long time. But only you understand why you need it. What are the tasks before you? How fast is the result needed? How explicit should it be?

All these parameters affect the uniqueness of the selection. team building ideas. It is impossible to find a universal solution to all problems. Professional team builders, being just in the same room with employees, can generate at least 2 options. And for this, colossal budgets and Hollywood scenery are not required.

If you understand that the cost of a large-scale project is beyond your means. Submit a budget request. Do not make an event for those who do not understand anything about it. Everyone should mind their own business. Let your team building be less spectacular, but as effective as possible.

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