Today, a very fashionable trend in photo printing is printing photos on a magnet. This type of registration of commemorative photographs is a very unusual and original solution for a gift to all guests.


Often, various points of activity, aimed at increasing the efficiency of teamwork, become part of corporate events or conferences.


The craving for a healthy lifestyle has swept almost the whole world! Pro100 Event Agency supports this trend. More and more often we carry out corporate sports events in Kharkovthat strengthen team spirit and promote leisure with health benefits. It doesn't matter what your company does. Sport competitions will be of interest to businessmen, industrialists, and representatives of creative professions.

How is a sports corporate vacation

It all starts with getting to know the team or its leaders. It is important for us to know how many people are needed sports corporate, about their interests and physical capabilities. For example, a men's team will be interested in a football championship or boxing competition. Bowling, ATVs, beach volleyball will appeal to both men and women.

Having determined the topic, you need to choose the place where the sports competition... In sunny warm weather, you can to hold a corporate in the forest, in a park or by a pond. If you need a football field or a boxing ring, then we will build on these requirements.

Winter and bad weather are not a reason to postpone holding sports events... we we organize an event in the premises of the sports complex. You can hold a tournament in power sports, play volleyball, basketball, badminton or tennis, organize swimming competitions. Merry corporate sporting event often held in a bowling alley or billiard room. A darts or board game championship is easy to organize in any banquet hall.

Organization of sports events for every taste

Pro100 Event Agency is not only concerned with choosing a location and creating a script. We will prepare sports equipment, provide catering, conduct preliminary training, order cups and medals, and conduct an impressive awards ceremony. At your request corporate sports quests can smoothly go to the banquet. We will provide the team with a transfer to the banquet hall or have a picnic in nature.

The purpose of organizing and holding sports events - to throw out fatigue and negative energy, eliminate any communication barriers between employees, learn how to work in a team and train the will to win.

Are you ready to win? Then book a sports event at Pro100event Agency!

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