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Often, various points of activity, aimed at increasing the efficiency of teamwork, become part of corporate events or conferences.


A friendly team is the driving force of the company. Happy, positive and inspired employees come to work with pleasure and show themselves to the maximum. To achieve this atmosphere, leaders order team building activities from Pro100 Event Agency. We have hundreds of ready-made scenarios and thousands of creative ideas for team building.

How Team Building Started

Team building originated in America in the 1950s. At that time, it was of a historical nature: employees dressed up in costumes of famous historical figures and performed collective tasks. It turned out that such emotional discharges unite the team and allow employees to get to know each other better.

In the 1990s and early 2000s team building for employees emerged in the post-Soviet space. First, it was carried out in the format of business trainings, then in the form sports events and corporate events. Today team building activities is an integral part of successful companies, both small firms and large corporations.

Why team building is needed:

  1. To replace the spirit of competition with the spirit of cooperation.
  2. To create a sense of team cohesion, organization and unity.
  3. Conducting team building strengthens horizontal ties in the company, and also brings managers closer to subordinates.
  4. Promotes more effective interaction between employees, development of mutual understanding and trust.
  5. Corporate team building increases motivation and serves as a source of inspiration.
  6. Strengthens the authority of superiors and the supremacy of company values.
  7. Promotes psycho-emotional discharge of employees.

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In what format to hold a team building in Kharkov

To begin with, we will get to know your team and decide which venue is best for the event. In the warm season we recommend team building in nature in the form of sports competitions, a quest, a paintball or airsoft battle, a karting tournament, and so on. The active part can develop into a relaxing holiday in the form of a picnic or a fun disco.

In the cold season, we will select a cozy restaurant or conference hall. Often held indoors thematic team building in the format of master classes and creative events, for example, creating a collective musical, performance or KVN. popular and smart team building format, for example, in the style of the game "What where When" or "Brain Ring".

If the budget allows, it is worth ordering team building abroad. Imagine: your whole company is going to a sunny island or just relaxing on the coast, interrupted only by various activities that we will prepare.

Where to order team building in Kharkov? Pro100 Event Agency!

quality organization of team building is our main task. In addition to working out the scenario, choosing a place and contractors, we can take care of other issues. For example, you can entrust us with the meeting and transfer of guests, printed materials, catering services, sound and lighting equipment.

Active and non-standard team building to order in Kharkov will pay off doubly and bring new victories to your company!

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