Love Story - What is your love about?

I know love stories are different. Each couple is its own separate world, its own unique story, its own character. For me, as a photographer in Kharkov, it is very important and pleasant that they trust me to talk about the warmest feelings and emotions. Shooting love stories is the kind of freedom I sometimes miss in wedding photography. Here you can invent a whole world, create a real romantic movie.

Taking a photo of a couple is always something very intimate and unique. During my work on photo shoots for two, together with my clients, we told a wide variety of stories. From romantic city photo walks to real extreme action games with motorcycles and pyrotechnics.

Why shoot a love story - each of my clients finds his own answer. For some, this is an opportunity to get new, vivid emotions. For some, capture a stage in a relationship: an anniversary, a pre-wedding love story, or a pregnancy photo. Some want to realize their creative dreams and complement their home with joint photographs.

I will help to translate into reality any idea for a photo shoot. Indeed, for me, the biggest professional victory is a sincere smile on their faces when you look at the pictures. When you share the result of our joint work and recommend me as a person who sincerely loves what I do. Because photographing lovers is as subtle an art as wedding photography. An individual approach is important here.

You can order photography at any time of the year, because each of the seasons is a picturesque canvas on which you can draw your unique love story. If you are in doubt about the choice of a place, theme, style or idea, together we can find the most suitable images, locations and props for you. My experience in conducting pair photo shoots helps me, after the first communication, to choose the version of love story that can maximally reflect the real you.

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