Banquet is easy if you have catering from Pro100 Event

The celebration for which the tables are laid - this is what a banquet is. And if the feast is not planned in a restaurant, then it is worth ordering catering - because it is impossible to serve lunch or dinner for a significant number of people without the coordinated actions of employees who know their business. Turnkey catering is a comprehensive service that allows banquet organizers not to worry about treating guests at their celebration.

What is banquet catering?

Banquets differ not only in the types of events in honor of which they are arranged, but also in the features of the set of treats and drinks on the table. And the format in which you present the table at your banquet will affect the cost of catering and related services. Catering in Kharkov from our employees is possible both in the classic format of a lunch with three courses, and in the format of a quick business dinner.

The easiest and cheapest way is to organize a banquet without hot dishes - only with drinks, cold snacks, cuts and fruits. This is appropriate, for example, at business banquets, where it is not planned to sit at tables for many hours, drink copious drinks and feed guests “from the belly”. Catering for banquets of this type is the work of waiters. They are required to set the table and ensure that cutlery is available and arranged on the table for each guest, as well as appetizers and foods that guests can put on their own plates. A change of dishes in this case may not be implied at all. But sometimes cold meat, fish, cheese and vegetable snacks are replaced by a sweet table - desserts and fruits, with a corresponding change of drinks. Catering and catering restaurants help arrange timely replacement of treats on the table and cutlery.

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In some cases, banquet catering (Kharkiv) may include not only simple serving (laying snacks into dishes), but also creating snacks on the spot. This may apply to canapes, cuts, assorted skewers, snacks in tartlets, etc. Although these tasty little things may seem simple from a culinary standpoint, preparing them takes time and effort. And this is also catering - and they do it if it is not possible to quickly deliver and store perishable snacks and desserts in proper conditions before serving.

You can also order a catering banquet in Kharkiv with the services of a cook who prepares hot food on the spot, or at least an employee who can warm up pre-cooked meat, a side dish or another dish served hot. Also, types of catering for banquets may include the services of qualified waiters and bartenders who will be able to properly serve original dishes and drinks prepared on the spot -– for example, flambé (served literally burning), punch, “hot ice cream”, etc. .. Offsite catering (Kharkiv) from Pro100 Event will allow you to turn into reality a variety of creative culinary ideas for your guests!

What is the difference between catering services at a banquet and a banquet at a restaurant?

We will not discuss the question of why the location you have chosen for the banquet is better than a restaurant with staff. The main thing is that the catering service generally gives you the opportunity of such a choice - and you can save on renting a catering establishment and arrange a banquet where it is really convenient for you and your guests.

Having ordered catering in Kharkiv, you are not dependent on the menu, service features and other data of a particular restaurant. You can order your favorite treats for guests in different places, you can independently purchase food for the table, guided only by your preferences, you can offer any alcohol in any quantity without paying extra for it to the restaurant. Quality catering is when our staff makes the banquet the way the organizer wants it to be.

In addition, if there are many visitors to your event, they can be divided into two groups - for guests of honor to arrange a full-fledged banquet, for which you will need VIP catering (Kharkiv), and for the rest, order a coffee break or other catering services - for example, a cocktail or a light Buffet. This can happen at two different locations, simultaneously or alternately - and the number of staff involved is enough to serve guests in two different formats.

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