Barbecue catering at a summer holiday for a large company

Barbecue is, originally, the name of the method of cooking fried meat on a grill over hot coals. But since such a treat involves having fun outdoors, there is a whole concept of barbecue as a format for a summer event. Catering from Pro100 Event is what you need if you are planning to hold a birthday, corporate party or a family holiday for children with their parents in a barbecue format.

How to organize a barbecue by ordering catering in Kharkov?

The most important thing is the choice of the place where the action will take place. According to American tradition, barbecues are held in the yard of the cottage. This is not a restaurant at all! Rather, BBQ is a friendly, informal get-together on a summer weekend that involves simple hearty food, a variety of drinks, fun games (yes, even if we are talking about adults!) And a completely relaxed atmosphere. What is catering at such a holiday? This is a team of professional assistants who will do all the culinary and organizational work, while not imposing on guests the feeling of awkwardness from waiters in suits and complex table setting, like in a restaurant. Such catering is available in Kharkov in all districts of the city.

Renting a suitable cottage for a few hours or a day is a good solution for a corporate party for several dozen people, for a family birthday party with relatives and friends, for a student holiday (for example, in honor of graduation from a university).

Also, catering and catering restaurants can be used if you are planning a picnic in nature, for example, on the territory of a hotel and park complex. So you can organize, for example, an unusual wedding with an outdoor ceremony. Then you will need to rent portable furniture, appliances, lights, decor and equipment. In fact, this format is almost the same as ordering a catering banquet in Kharkiv, but with cooking on the grill, outside the conditions of ordinary cuisine. The lack of a kitchen involves pre-purchasing and ordering food. Catering BBQ is cooking on the spot only what is served “from a live fire”.

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Why do you need a picnic-barbecue catering service?

The first thing that comes to mind is that catering is needed to fry meat on the grill: this is how barbecue, kebab and barbecue itself are prepared - meat, chicken, sausages or fish on the grill. The brazier watches the coals, puts and removes portions of meat from the brazier - this is really the most important process at a picnic.

But offsite catering (Kharkiv) at a summer holiday with a barbecue also includes related tasks. Ready meat is laid out on portioned plates and offered to guests. In addition, a table is served, on which, in addition to meat portions, there should also be fresh vegetables and greens, cheese plates, snacks, sauces for meat, fruits, if necessary, cut and laid in the form of fruit salads in portioned dishes, drinks, etc. . Catering services are needed to prepare and serve all that seasonal food.

Barbecues can also serve special dishes that require either cooking on site or timely serving. For example, this is ice cream. It is taken out of the freezer, laid out in bowls in the form of balls, decorated with toppings and fruits - and all this must be done quickly so that the ice cream does not start to melt! The same goes for fruit jelly and other cold desserts.

In addition, a side dish can be served hot and freshly prepared - for example, french fries from a deep fryer, grilled vegetables and mushrooms, etc. These additions to meat are definitely worth considering, as among the guests there may be vegetarians or people on a certain diet - they also cannot be left without delicious hot food at the holiday! High-quality catering is when the interests of all guests with different requests for food are taken into account. By the way, the cost of catering, even with cooking on the spot, may be lower than the celebration on the summer terrace of the restaurant with payment at the cost of restaurant menu dishes.

 Of the special drinks, which also cannot be prepared in advance, these are freshly squeezed fruit juices at the choice of guests, as well as crucons. And, of course, VIP catering (Kharkiv) may include the services of a bartender preparing various alcoholic cocktails, and not just pouring alcohol into glasses. And if the holiday is focused on children and teenagers, then you can order catering, which will include the preparation of sweet milkshakes on rented equipment. That is, at a barbecue, different types of catering may be needed.

Turnkey catering from Pro100 Event Agency includes preparing all the planned dishes at your location, rotating dishes, serving drinks, as well as cleaning tables, washing dishes and cleaning up used equipment. You will not only delight your guests with a barbecue, but also get complete order at the place of celebration!

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