Buffet with off-site service - the opportunity to arrange a holiday anywhere!

The advantage of a buffet table is that this event can take place almost anywhere: from a mansion with an exquisite interior to a pavilion, where only tables are made of furniture; from the banquet hall to the open terrace. Catering and catering restaurants hold receptions at birthdays, presentations, corporate parties, etc. In general, in any incomprehensible situation - arrange a buffet table, and high-quality catering from the staff of Pro100 Event Agency will eliminate all your organizational worries!

Buffet Catering Services - Self Service

Buffet tables are tables with snacks and drinks that guests take themselves. The difference from the buffet is that buffets usually offer only portioned snacks - on skewers, in the form of canapes, in tartlets, sometimes in portioned dishes. It looks very nice - snacks for buffets stand out as a separate culinary trend, and chefs think about the aesthetics of this food almost more than about its taste.

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Each guest gets the opportunity to act without an intermediary in the person of the waiter: to decide for himself what will be on his plate, to take glasses or glasses with drinks himself. But what is catering if the waiters are not needed? And the secret is that they are still needed - but this catering remains, as it were, out of sight of the guests: guests see only an impeccable result.

Firstly, the catering service consists in laying tables: beautifully and conveniently arranging snacks and dishes. Given the specifics of the buffet menu, this requires real skill, and VIP catering (Kharkiv) can be unusual and complex serving options.

Secondly, it is simply impossible not to order catering and leave guests alone with the tables - you constantly need to carefully control the availability of treats and drinks, dirty dishes, empty trays and other details. The tables will not stand in a photographically flawless state until the end of the event - after all, they are not props, but real delicious food for living people who came to eat and have fun. Having ordered catering in Kharkiv, you will know that the staff maintains a constant order on the tables and in the hall as a whole - takes away the empty dishes and garbage, pours alcohol, puts new trays with snacks, monitors the availability of napkins and cutlery, etc.

Catering on a turnkey basis at buffet tables of various formats

Although a buffet is already a well-defined format of an event, with its own established traditions, we are not trying to force customers to hold only the “correct” buffets. Together we are developing the concept of such a holiday that you would like to see - even if it does not fit into the canonical ideas about buffet tables. Any type of catering is good if it is appropriate in a particular room and will please those present.

So, for example, you can make a light non-alcoholic buffet table - for example, at a scientific conference, business training, lecture seminar, etc. This means ordering a coffee break or other catering services: putting light snacks on the tables, providing people with utensils or perhaps lockable trays to pack portions with them for those who do not want to eat during the allotted break.

Off-site catering (Kharkiv) will help you organize a children's buffet. In addition to the difference in the range of offered treats and drinks, in this case, off-site buffet service should also be special. Employees should help children of different ages choose food, put it on plates, take cutlery, etc. In fact, the waiters partially take on the work of the animators, who create a comfortable, safe and friendly atmosphere at the children's party.

As another option, at an event where there will be families with children, they make two buffet zones, for adults and for children, with understandable differences in the menu. Or they make a small buffet for children, and for adults they choose to order a catering banquet in Kharkov.

But catering from Pro100 Event is an opportunity to realize much more unusual ideas! For example, to fry a barbecue in the summer area and serve it on an open-air buffet. Or arrange a buffet with elements of street food - because some of the guests will want to feast on miniature tartlets and canapes, and someone will be happy to refresh themselves with a juicy burger.

In general, if you have a room, tables and guests ready to eat, chat and have fun, we will organize the best catering for them in Kharkov! The cost of catering is negotiated on an individual basis.

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