Coffee Break with Professional Catering: A Pleasant Addition to Your Event

A coffee or tea break with a light treat is what a classic coffee break is all about. Of course, this is not an independent event, but catering and catering restaurants can make a coffee break a memorable moment for your event attendees.

For which events is it appropriate to order a coffee break or other catering services?

These are events that last quite a long time and are usually related to business, education, culture, science or government. They are held during the day, and their educational and cultural goals prevail over entertainment ones. Such events include seminars, trainings, conferences, workshops, hackathons, creative festivals and competitions, congresses, etc. And of course, all these events are held not at all in cafes, but in business centers, conference halls, educational institutions - that is, where catering in Kharkiv is needed for one-time catering.

Ordering catering for such events is not so much for the sake of prestige, but for the simple task of treating visitors to a hot drink and a light snack. This is appropriate when time for lunch is limited, and the room does not involve placing guests at the tables. However, high-quality catering will make even a short coffee break exquisite and tasty!

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What is coffee break catering?

Off-site coffee break service is possible in two formats.

Most often, a catering service is the preparation and holding of a time-limited coffee break. That is, drinks and food are offered to guests either during the break, or before the start of the event, or after it ends. At other times, the guests are busy with the main program.

But the second format is catering, which involves serving visitors throughout the entire event, according to their requests. Organizing turnkey catering in this way is quite rational for several reasons. This is convenient for guests because they can not wait for a break, but have a bite when they want. And for the staff, the convenience lies in the fact that there is no crowd of people who all want to quickly get their coffee and take food at the same time. This is how off-site catering (Kharkiv) is organized at events that do not require guests to attend the main program without obligatory attendance - at festivals with several locations, at creative competitions and workshops, at hackathons and “days of science”, etc.

Catering services in both cases are direct servicing of guests in the current mode: making coffee in a coffee machine, brewing tea, distributing sandwiches or sweets. But other types of catering are usually added to this: slicing fruits and cheeses, preparing sandwiches in advance, preparing desserts - cakes, handmade sweets, cookies with the company logo, etc. Of course, the cost of catering always includes table setting with provided treats.

What treats at a coffee break should be offered to guests by ordering catering in Kharkov?

First of all, at a coffee break, people are offered coffee and tea. Moreover, VIP catering (Kharkiv) is the preparation of various drinks based on coffee, including those with syrups, cinnamon, marshmallows, drawings on foam, etc. And different teas can also be offered - not only bags filled with boiling water, but also elite varieties brewed in teapots.

But drinks are not everything! Field staff prepares simple, light meals for the coffee break table - sandwiches, tartlets with different fillings, “skewers”, fruit slices, etc. More complex dishes are prepared in advance and delivered to the coffee break location - such dishes include pastries and portioned cakes, specially baked cookies, gratins, burgers and other snacks. Employees prepare portion division so that it is convenient for guests to take individual units of food or portions in individual dishes from the common table.

In addition to the options described above, you can feel free to bring your own ideas - Pro100 Event catering will help arrange such a treat for your event visitors as you think is justified. For example, in hot weather, it would be appropriate to offer iced teas and non-alcoholic cocktails with ice, as well as cold coffee drinks.

Well, if a coffee break is not enough, then for guests of honor, co-organizers or active participants of the event, you can order a catering banquet in Kharkov - in parallel with the coffee break or at another time.

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