Catering Service at the Cocktail Party

Lots of casual communication, delicious drinks in high-legged glasses and maybe a little dancing - that's what a real cocktail-party is all about. And what is catering at such a party? These are the staff who, with directorial talent, create all this cinematic atmosphere, leaving a lot of action behind the scenes: changing empty glasses to full ones, the appearance of trays with snacks and fresh fruit dishes, the “building” of multi-tiered structures from filled glasses, and much more.

Thanks to Pro100 Event Agency, such catering is available in Kharkiv.

Catering for various types of cocktail events

In a broad sense, a cocktail is an event that starts after 18.00 and includes the serving of various alcohols with a small amount of light snacks. And now, in the cocktail format, events of various purposes, styles and themes are held - corporate parties and parties for business partners, student proms, club sessions, etc. Off-site catering (Kharkiv) is needed because it does not always make sense to transfer such events to a restaurant or a club with a bar - sometimes it is much more convenient to arrange them in an office building, in a loft, in a cottage, and in summer even in an open area. Catering from Pro100 Event will solve all the problems with refreshments for the guests!

In addition, very often a cocktail accompanies a cultural or business event, being an addition, an informal part of the event. This happens at music, film or art festivals, at premieres of films and performances, at fashion shows, at presentations of various projects, at exhibition openings, at business and scientific forums, etc. Accordingly, this requires a catering service, since almost any room can serve as a location for such an “accompanying” cocktail - from a conference room in a business center to a cinema foyer, from an exhibition hall to a theater hall.

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Why order catering for a cocktail party?

When the format of the event with a cocktail is thought out, they decide what types of catering will be needed.

If the location is spacious and there are many guests, then waiters are needed who will carry trays with glasses, offering them to those who wish. This is a classic cocktail party - when there are a minimum of tables in the room, but all guests have the opportunity to take a drink and, after drinking, return the empty glass to the waiter.

The second option, which can be cocktail catering, is still the placement of drinks and light snacks on the tables, according to the principle of a buffet table. High-quality catering on such a cocktail means spectacular serving and constant monitoring of what is happening: waiters must quickly remove empty glasses from where guests leave them, refill new glasses, monitor the availability of snacks and place new trays with treats and drinks in a timely manner. VIP catering (Kharkiv) is a service that determines the course and atmosphere of the holiday. Ideally, the task of the staff is to prevent both the fact that guests go empty-handed without glasses or do not know where to get a snack, and that those present quickly go over with alcohol and intoxication would interfere with communication and dancing.

Wanting to get turnkey catering, the organizers of the evening should understand what kind of drinks and in what proportion they consider appropriate at their event. The fact is that the cocktail format does not always mean that only cocktail drinks are served there.

When ordering catering in Kharkiv, you should know that events that are more strict in format or designed for a larger number of visitors usually do without the services of a bartender (that is, without mixing cocktails). On them, the waiters pour into glasses and carry sparkling wines, martinis, sangria and similar drinks around the hall. Hard liquor is not widely accepted at cocktail parties, but is sometimes offered in smaller proportions. And if so, then in addition to strong drinks, guests should be offered soda and ice cubes.

But if you want to please your guests with cocktails, then catering and catering restaurants will satisfy this wish without any problems. The cost of catering with author's cocktails will be higher, but the delight of the guests is worth it! Those cocktails that can retain their appearance in glasses for some time are put on the tables in advance so that people simply take glasses with the drinks they are interested in. But for the sake of cocktails that should be drunk immediately after mixing, it is worth setting up a bar - cocktail catering may include the services of a bartender preparing alcoholic drinks at the request of guests.

For cases when one cocktail is not enough, you can order a catering banquet in Kharkov. And for non-alcoholic events, it is better to order a coffee break or other catering services.

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