Types of Catering at Conferences and Business Events

Treating guests at the conference is not just an opportunity to have a snack, but a separate full-fledged part of the event. By ordering catering in Kharkov for your business event, you help to improve the image of your company in the eyes of those people who came to the event. Therefore, it is so important that each catering service is thoughtful and emphasizes the characteristics of your event.

Comprehensive catering services at scientific and business conferences

The conference can last several hours or a full day, and sometimes several days. It would be optimal to offer refreshments to guests after the event, and if it is long, then take breaks for snacks and communication every 3-4 hours.

Therefore, catering should be comprehensive - after all, each such session of food and drink will be held in its own format.

The main break, that is, lunch, is usually arranged in the format of a classic buffet table. Ordering a catering banquet in Kharkov for a business event is usually not a good idea: a banquet takes extra time, requires a lot of space and a large number of tables and chairs. But several tables with different types of snacks are the most rational solution for a lunch break. On the tables can be vegetable salads, canapes, sliced cheeses and smoked meats, as well as desserts and fruits - off-site catering (Kharkiv) includes a beautiful setting and assistance to guests in choosing dishes.

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For short breaks, you can order a coffee break or other catering service for organizing a small snack with soft drinks, sandwiches and cookies. In addition to the services of baristas preparing coffee, you will need to rent a coffee machine - for instant coffee preparation in different ways and with different additives.

The cost of catering can include the advance preparation and distribution of lunch boxes to guests. This is convenient if it is impossible to place buffet tables in the room, there is no time or technical ability to prepare an effective serving. Then prepared according to the number of visitors lunchboxes with ready-made delicious food and disposable cutlery will replace the standard lunch and allow guests not to bother about a snack on their own.

After the end of the official part of the conference, it is appropriate to arrange a small business cocktail, which is also part of the conference off-site service. Catering for a cocktail evening should be ordered for the sake of serving alcohol by waiters and arranging buffet tables with gourmet snacks. A cocktail allows you to communicate with colleagues and partners in an informal setting, make or consolidate useful contacts. In general, a small holiday after a day full of information will significantly improve the impression of all participants about the conference. This service may be part of a turnkey catering.

What makes high-quality catering at business events different?

VIP catering (Kharkiv) implies that the guests' treats carefully fit into the focus of the event, and sometimes even into the corporate style of the conference organizing company. So, for example, if the conference is dedicated to medicine or cosmetology, catering in Kharkov will allow you to focus on healthy eating and healthy snacks.

It is also worth considering the target audience of the participants and their likely tastes. For example, if the event is aimed at young scientists or entrepreneurs, then the “fast” format of food, adopted by young people, is appropriate. Catering at a conference for “millennials” is the same lunchboxes with salads and burgers, or a buffet with a la carte cold snacks. But for representatives of the older generation (for example, invited lecturers, distinguished experts, etc.), it makes sense to think over hot dishes and, possibly, a separate banquet table. This division is also possible: only competent catering is required, and catering restaurants will be able to prepare two different tables on the spot.

Also, VIP catering (Kharkiv) is different options for tables for visitors with different categories of ticket prices for the event. What is catering in this case? For example, the price of the most expensive ticket may include a buffet table during the break and an after-party with a cocktail after the official part. Average-priced tickets may include a buffet table only. And for those who bought the cheapest tickets, they organize a coffee break - because it is not worth creating the impression that guests are deprived of a treat, it is easier to include the cost of a cup of coffee and a cake in the price of the invitation.

Catering from Pro100 Event will take into account every nuance of the event, and will create the most favorable impression for all visitors!

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