Catering picnic for fun company

A picnic is considered to be an event that is prepared in-house. But what if there are a lot of invitees, and you don't want to strain them and yourself by buying and preparing food instead of having a fun time? By ordering catering in Kharkov, you get rid of all the preparatory hassle and worries about the food and comfort of the guests at the picnic - everything will be done by the staff.

What catering services are needed to organize a picnic?

In order for your picnic to have real VIP catering (Kharkiv), you should agree in advance with the visiting staff on all the features of the event and the selected location, as well as voice your ideas about treating and creating coziness and beauty for the invited people.

Preparation begins with thinking over the seats - chairs for rent, blankets, sun loungers, bean bags, etc. This slightly increases the budget of the event and the cost of catering, but convenience is a basic condition, without which it will be difficult for guests to enjoy delicious food and entertainment. Catering in Kharkiv thanks to Pro100 Event Agency is available in different regions - and we can bring everything you need to the place of your picnic.

Of course, the menu is planned in advance. The focus, of course, should be on meat - it will be fried on wire racks and skewers, and served with a variety of sauces, side dishes and fresh vegetables. Offsite catering (Kharkiv) includes the delivery of all the required ingredients for cooking on the spot, and the advance preparation of some treats - for example, cuts, sauces, marinated meat.

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And catering and catering restaurants can offer to organize a burger bar, sandwich bar, salad bar at a picnic. These types of catering are referred to as “street food” - when a dish is prepared in front of the guest, at his request: a cutlet is fried, greens are cut, cheese is placed, etc. But the highlight is that the guest chooses options for ingredients - for example, pork or chicken, white or rye bread, cheese of one kind or another, spicy, white or sweet and sour sauce, etc.

Another interesting catering service that is appropriate for a picnic is the opportunity to prepare food yourself, but using the prepared dish components, tools, equipment and the help of staff. For example, it may be interesting for your guests to string pickled meat and favorite vegetables on a skewer themselves, and fry over coals prepared in the grill. And you can also make marshmallows - “fried marshmallows”.

Quality catering certainly includes serving drinks. It is decided in advance what assortment of drinks you would like to offer your guests. This assortment can include both beer, wine or long drinks with a low alcohol content, as well as non-alcoholic drinks - carbonated water, cola, juice, etc.

What is catering is, in the classic version, the work of waiters. At the picnic, of course, it is not entirely appropriate for the strict staff in black suits and white shirts, serving portions on trays. However, catering from Pro100 Event can be completely different - informal, but therefore no less professional! Employees become “all-rounders” at the picnic - without unnecessary officialdom helping guests choose food, setting tables, preparing hot dishes with smiles. Catering can also consist in the traditional serving of plates - if the picnic program includes a part with a common feast. But the essence of a real picnic is socializing, playing in the fresh air, swimming in a pond or pool, and food and drinks are just an addition.

Why not order catering for a winter picnic?

This is an original solution for a winter corporate party or for celebrating winter dates with a friendly company - Christmas, St. Nicholas Day, New Year, Old New Year, etc. In addition, in the format of a picnic, you can celebrate an anniversary or birthday that fell during the cold season.

It is most convenient to prepare such an event in the courtyard of the cottage, or somewhere in a country hotel complex in the forest - so that guests can walk in the fresh air and bask in the room. Turnkey catering is the organization of a barbecue, serving of accompanying snacks and hot drinks - mulled wine, grog. In addition, the field staff at the picnic in the winter prepares the table and seating for the guests so that the cold is not a problem. To do this, it is worth renting blankets in advance according to the number of guests and, possibly, portable heaters.

It is also possible to divide this event into two parts - arrange a picnic in the yard in the afternoon and order a catering banquet in Kharkov for the evening continuation of the holiday. Or, for all visitors of an event, you can order a coffee break or other catering services, and a picnic can be an unofficial part of the event for selected guests.

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