Organization of a buffet with catering from Pro100 Event

If you do not delve into the question of what catering is in its various aspects, you might think that it is not needed at all on the buffet - after all, it is well known that the buffet involves self-service. But this is only a superficial view. Offsite catering (Kharkiv) ensures the appearance and thoughtful arrangement of food on the tables, helping people to take food on a personal tray, as well as cleaning tables after the event. High-quality catering reduces the time that guests spend choosing food, as the competent arrangement of dishes will help them quickly see everything, put it on their plate and not wait for the waiter or other people in line.

What are buffets like, what do they serve and why is there catering?

A buffet table should be considered a variation of the buffet. Sometimes they even think that this is the same thing, but there is still a difference - not every buffet is a buffet table. A buffet is a solemn, mostly evening, event. There is alcohol, they create an exquisite and complex serving. Bowls or trays of food are never placed on buffet tables, from where guests take an arbitrary desired amount of food - a classic buffet table involves either piece culinary products on common trays, or portions in separate dishes - in small salad bowls, bowls, saucers.

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While ordering catering in Kharkiv for a buffet, you may well include dishes in the menu that are not divided into expected portions and are served on shared trays: salads, stews, pilaf, baked potato wedges, etc. At a lunch buffet, there may be first courses poured from a common container. The catering service, which may be required in the presence of a large number of such dishes, is the assistance of staff in putting such food on the guest's plate at his request.

The cost of catering also includes staff monitoring of equipment to maintain the desired temperature of food and drinks. For example, if there is ice cream on the menu, then it is served from a refrigeration unit. And other dishes, on the contrary, require constant heating to be served hot - for example, fondue in fondue makers. Turnkey catering sometimes even includes heating food in the microwave at the request of guests: for example, when it comes to hot first courses, meat and fish dishes with melted cheese, hot sandwiches, milk with cereal or cocoa, etc. There are also tea and coffee at the buffets - off-site buffet service includes monitoring the constant presence of boiling water in the kettle or boiler installation, adding water there, turning this equipment on and off, etc.

How buffet menus are designed for catering and catering restaurants

Before ordering catering for buffet service, it is determined at what time of the day this meal will take place. Because the buffet is not universal. If you can order a coffee break or other catering services for a one-time snack at an event, regardless of the time of day, then the buffet is breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The difference is in the categories of dishes offered at different times of the day. For example, dairy dishes are appropriate in the morning, but soups are irrelevant. In the evening, the first courses are also not put, but they diversify the assortment of side dishes and snacks. All three meals include cold and hot food, cold and hot drinks, meat and vegetarian dishes - so that every guest has something to choose from.

VIP catering (Kharkiv) allows you to vary and expand the menu as much as possible - because in fact there are no dishes that would not be suitable for a buffet. And if there are many guests, then offer them an abundant and varied buffet. This is better than ordering a catering banquet in Kharkiv with the same menu, but solving the problems of arranging dining tables and stretching the time of the event due to the peculiarities of personal service.

When do you need a buffet and catering services on it?

All types of catering solve certain problems. At the buffet, this task is as simple as possible - to quickly feed the guests. And since food is the basic need of every person, a buffet is appropriate for any long-term event.

Catering in Kharkiv will help you feed a friendly delegation in a hotel or in any other place - if, for example, people come to a conference that lasts one or several days. The buffet also proved to be excellent at corporate events for large groups.

Catering from Pro100 Event will help you arrange a delicious buffet at a family or children's holiday, at an anniversary with colleagues or friends, at a New Year's celebration or any other event.

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