Street Food - the original format of treats at events

Once upon a time, food prepared by street vendors for hurrying pedestrians was considered only a cheap way to eat. However, now it is a very fashionable catering service, which turned out to be in demand at many events. The concept of food that is prepared outside the kitchen, on portable equipment, and immediately given out to those who want to have a bite, has perfectly adapted to the modern event sphere.

What is catering applicable to "street food"?

The differences that separate street food and other, classic types of catering are the lack of waiter service, the lack of table setting and food preparation right at the event. Such catering can be called interactive - the employee who prepares the food does it at the direct request of the guest, and gives the finished portion from hand to hand.

The cost of catering in this version can be very pleasant for the customer - because, in fact, only cooking is paid, and numerous waiters are not needed. Although, of course, high-quality catering always includes service in locations where people eat. The staff sets up tables or counters where guests can have a bite to eat, cleans dirty dishes, monitors the availability of disposable napkins for guests, etc.

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Which “street food” requires catering?

Catering and catering restaurants can offer a variety of dishes, including those that require a long cooking time.

Of course, the concept of "street food" includes, first of all, fast food. That is, these are portioned dishes that are prepared immediately, using semi-finished products and pre-prepared ingredients. Classic examples are hot dogs, burgers, snacks in pita or pita bread, sandwiches, etc. Catering from Pro100 Event allows you to offer your guests all these classics of “street food”, moreover, according to original recipes, with unexpected, bright combinations of sauces, vegetables and other ingredients.

Also, street food is food that is obtained through quick frying or other culinary processing on the appropriate equipment. For example, french fries, pancakes with various fillings, pies and donuts, pancakes, tortillas, etc.

However, there is also the opposite side of street food - dishes for a large number of people, preparing for a long time and without semi-finished products. These are, for example, paella, bigos, pilaf, and other recipes from different national cuisines - they are cooked on an open fire in large cauldrons during the holidays, and everyone can get a portion from the common cauldron. By the way, this is how the first dishes are prepared - borscht, kulesh, fish soup. Having ordered catering in Kharkiv, you can arrange the preparation of any dish at your outdoor event.

In catering services, which should be attributed to the “street food” format, it makes sense to also include cooking on the grill and grill. Of course, we are talking mainly about meat dishes - barbecue, kebab, chicken, etc.

Additions to the main assortment of street food can be fruit and vegetable salads, as well as sweets. Of course, when ordering catering in Kharkiv, one should not forget about drinks. This is not only tea and coffee, but also seasonal drinks that can be prepared on the spot - lemonade, fruit juices, mulled wine, grog and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

What events are suitable for street food catering?

If desired, outdoor catering (Kharkiv) in the street food format can be included in almost any event - from a corporate party to a picnic, from an art festival to a wedding.

A good solution for crowded events - exhibitions, fairs, open-air festivals, team building corporate events for several hundred guests, etc. And it's not just about street events - in spacious rooms, street food is also quite appropriate, and modern restaurant equipment is quite safe when used in buildings.

Instead of ordering a catering banquet in Kharkiv for a wedding with many guests, you can opt for street food. This is appropriate if a wedding or other celebration is held at a location where guests will spend most of the event outdoors.

Turnkey catering may include several locations where different types of food are prepared. Guests can approach any of them and ask for a portion of the dish or drink that they want at the moment. For example, you can order a coffee break or other catering services, and complement your coffee with freshly made hot sandwiches: street food can be like that!

And VIP catering (Kharkiv) can combine street food with another catering option: for example, serving cocktails or a buffet table.

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