Field staff services for events

In order for the holiday not to become a “headache” for the organizer, people are needed who can clearly, smoothly and efficiently perform a lot of tasks included in the concept of “catering” - from serving coffee to making sandwiches. Catering from Pro100 Event will allow you to focus on communication with guests, entertainment, creative, educational or business aspects of the event, rather than worrying about service issues.

Which events require catering staff?

You need to order catering if the event is planned to serve refreshments for those present, and the site chosen for the event does not have its own staff to prepare or serve food and drinks to guests.

Turnkey catering significantly changes the approach to public events. The organizer can find any site convenient for him - with good acoustics, roomy enough, equipped with the required equipment, located in a convenient place in the city for everyone - and not worry that this is not a restaurant with a working kitchen and full-time waiters. By ordering catering in Kharkov from us, you can prepare an event for any number of people present - and not worry that there are not enough attendants, you can plan an open-air event - and not force visitors to decide on snacking and drinking on their own. In general, catering and off-site restaurants give organizers the opportunity to fantasize, come up with new formats for holidays and cultural events, and create innovative events.

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You can order a banquet catering in Kharkiv with the departure of staff to the office - for a New Year's corporate party, an anniversary of the head or another event for employees. Or - to a concert venue, where a concert can be combined with a light buffet and refreshments, to a gallery or museum room - to a buffet table in honor of the opening of the exhibition, etc.

Banquet service staff is a common practice at corporate parties, weddings, and anniversaries. But at business events - for example, at conferences, forums, hackathons, seminars, or at events where people gather for the sake of art and creativity - musical and literary evenings, concerts, performances, classic laid tables are out of place. But you shouldn't leave your guests without refreshments either! In such cases, it is better to order a coffee break or other catering services so that visitors can have a bite to eat without being distracted from the event itself. Making tea or coffee, offering canapes, tartlets, cookies or cakes is also a catering service.

What catering services might be needed for the perfect holiday?

The types of catering are diverse, and at the request of customers, you can think about what exactly the field staff should do at a particular event. Standard catering in Kharkiv is the service of waiters, food preparation for serving and cooking on the spot of the food that is served literally “from the fire”.

But the visiting team can also include those people whose presence at the event will be invisible to the guests, but everyone will notice the results of their work. These are, for example, decorators who will decorate a street or interior location - for example, with luminous garlands or candles in vases; arrange the furniture in the way it is necessary for the convenience of guests; will serve the tables. These are the ones who will wash the dishes and clean the restaurant equipment after the banquet is over. These are employees who will unfold (and then fold) awnings, outdoor umbrellas, deck chairs, folding chairs, inflatable pool toys, etc.

VIP catering (Kharkiv) is a service for atypical requests, in non-standard locations, at events with a unique approach to cuisine and service. By agreement with the client, high-quality catering may include author's cuisine, that is, the preparation of complex and original dishes right on the spot, the services of professional bartenders, etc. The cost of catering in such cases is somewhat higher than the standard set of services in terms of the duration of the event and the amount of work for the staff.

Also, off-site catering (Kharkiv) is available for children's events - waiters, chefs and decorators will take into account the peculiarities of service and table setting for the little guests of the holiday.

What is catering, which can be called truly high-quality? This is the calmness of the organizer. You will not need to control every step of the staff, fearing that something will be confused and spoiled without you. You do not have to look for random people and entrust them with some tasks at your event, and then regret the unprofessionalism of these workers. All you need to do is describe what you want from the field staff, provide a plan for the event, and familiarize the staff with the features of your event space. Our team will take care of everything!

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