Usefulness of a Smoothie Bar

Drinks for a holiday can be not only fun and beautiful, but also useful! How? Perhaps you ask. Order a smoothie bar to go and you will find out everything! In our bar catering arsenal you will find an excellent smoothie bar with a huge assortment of fruit and vegetable drinks that will help make the holiday more enjoyable, healthier and tastier!

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The benefits of making smoothies to order

In order to check whether a smoothie bar at your event is a good solution for those who care about their health and nutrition, we suggest simply familiarizing yourself with a few arguments in favor of renting a smoothie bar for your event.

  • Improves metabolism and digestion. Due to the fact that all the products in the smoothie have a loose consistency, they are easier to digest and even help cleanse the body of everything unnecessary.
  • Ordering a smoothie is guaranteed to improve your mood for the whole day, because thanks to the vitamins contained in fruits, you get a big boost of energy and useful elements.
  • The low calorie content of an on-the-go smoothie bar is another argument for those who watch their diet. Ice cream smoothies, of course, will be an exception to this rule, but you can choose the content of the smoothies at your discretion.
  • An easy alternative to quick snacks both on regular days and on holidays: a company corporate event, presentation or branch opening
  • If your company promotes a healthy lifestyle, then a smoothie bar will come in handy.

The advantages of drinking smoothies can be listed for a very, very long time, because it is a universal drink for both children and adults. And the ability to mix absolutely any ingredients helps you create unique drinks for every taste.

You don't need a reason to order a smoothie bar!

Smoothies to order can be purchased not only for a wedding buffet or as a snack during a summer corporate party. A smoothie bar is a tasty and healthy treat for every day:

  • Order a smoothie bar for your office. As an incentive or additional motivation for employees, on occasion or simply in honor of a good day. Employees will be 100% grateful for such a surprise in the office.
  • Order a smoothie as a healthy snack while working on a project or professional task. If you have a creative team that needs to solve complex intellectual problems a lot and often, a smoothie cocktail will help make this process easier and more enjoyable!
  • A smoothie bar for a family is a great opportunity to have a delicious time in the company of your loved ones. Planning a weekend with your relatives? Take care of their health and mood with a smoothie bar from Pro100 Event.

To find out what the price of the smoothie bar will be, contact our managers. They will help you find answers to all your questions, from selecting bar catering for an event to organizing a turnkey event.

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