Today, a very fashionable trend in photo printing is printing photos on a magnet. This type of registration of commemorative photographs is a very unusual and original solution for a gift to all guests.


Often, various points of activity, aimed at increasing the efficiency of teamwork, become part of corporate events or conferences.


For efficient work of any company team building necessary! All progressive leaders know this. Unlike corporate party, team building in Kharkov or Kiev can be organized quickly and even for a small amount. All you need is to turn to professionals Pro100 Event Agency.

Team building ideas:

  1. Sports team building - a great idea for the warm season. You can organize competitions in football, basketball, volleyball, ATV or kart racing. So leisure will allow participants to “let off steam”, get rid of negativity and rally with colleagues.
  1. Quest - This is one of the most popular team building programs... The quest can be arranged both outdoors and in special quest rooms. Participants will have to show logic, intuition, courage in making decisions and even show leadership qualities.
  1. Recreation center - Why not hide from the city noise and stuffy office in a suburban recreation center? This is great idea for team building in Kharkov or Kiev... But just renting rooms is not enough: you need to come up with an interesting program to unite the team... For example, yoga classes, barbecue cooking classes, fishing, horseback riding, etc.
  1. Dance - Dancing liberates, relieves from stiffness, improves mood and develops creativity. Dance team building can be arranged in a studio, a banquet hall and even in an office if you have a spacious room.
  1. Extreme - Hiking, kayaking down the river, rock climbing, skydiving - such entertainment causes an adrenaline rush, after which a complete reboot of consciousness occurs. After this team building your employees will start to work energetic and inspired.
  1. Intellectual teambuilding in Kiev and Kharkov good because they can be held at any time of the year. Game format "What? Where? When?" or "Cat in a poke»Perfectly reveals the personal qualities of employees, allows each player to demonstrate the erudition and qualities of a leader.
  1. Creative - Collective creation of a picture, theatrical performance, a karaoke concert, shooting a video, creative master classes - such classes develop creative thinking, make relationships in the team warmer and more friendly.
  1. Board games - At any time of the year you can order the organization of team building in Kharkov in the format of a board game championship. This also includes the popular game "Mafia", Which is most interesting to carry out in a costume version.
  1. Culinary - Team building in the format culinary master class Is a good idea for a small team. Steak cooking, desserts, Japanese cuisine, pizza - choose a gastronomic direction and upgrade your cooking skills.
  1. Cinematic - "Bachelor Party in Vegas", "Game of Thrones", "The Lord of the Rings", "Harry Potter" - the Pro100 Event Agency team will transfer the action of any film or series to team building scenario for your company! There will be costumes, themed decor, music and even special effects!

Want to conduct an unusual team building in Kharkov or Kiev? Contact to Pro100 Event Agency! We told you only about the most popular 10 ideas, but in reality there are many more!

Attractions and activity points for team building




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