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Just around the corner is the very day that everyone is looking forward to - the New Year. For kids, this is a colorful event with gifts, Santa Claus, the smell of tangerines and various goodies. And for adults - summing up, planning future victories and, of course - organization and holding of New Year's holidays!

Many of us have been to corporate events more than once and know that making a New Year corporate event interesting for all guests, bringing something special to it and getting only positive emotions is not an easy task. Agree, banal feasts with poems from Santa Claus will not surprise anyone!

How to make sure that after the New Year's corporate party there is not only a morning hangover, but also a maximum of memories?

The simplest solution is organize a turnkey New Year's corporate party together with Prosto Event Egency!

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Why is it easier, calmer and cheaper to do this with an event agency than preparing a New Year's corporate party on your own?

  • We do it all the time. Our event managers have been creating corporate events of various sizes for many years. and organization of your New Year corporate party 2023 for them, another holiday, which they implement with a bang. If you do not deal with large-scale events, then you may simply not know many of the details.
  • It's just that Event knows how to optimize the budget: we have been working in the field of events for many years and we know how to save your money without compromising quality. The event agency in Kharkiv works with the best contractors at the best prices, because we trust and the best ones trust us.
  • New Year corporate party trends. We follow all the news, we know what corporate entertainment 2023 just appeared and what formats of the event are gaining momentum. Thanks to this, there will be no guests at your event who have “already seen” or who are “showing the same thing again”. We know how and love to surprise!
  • So calmer. If your company does not have an event manager whose main task is to organize events, then instruct holding a corporate party will have to be a person whose direct duties do not include it. There is a possibility that he will not be able to combine everything and, moreover, will spend a lot of nerves trying to please everyone. If you yourself, as a leader, want hold a New Year's corporate party, then you will have to devote a lot of time to this. And we are sure that you have a lot of other tasks.

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Where to hold a corporate party on New?

For many years, the most popular option - order a New Year's corporate party in a restaurant. This format has a number of advantages, including:

  • comfortable and warm environment
  • no need to worry about food delivery or catering
  • availability of sound and lighting equipment
  • the opportunity for guests to get to the venue on their own

How to make traditional corporate party in a restaurant interesting and bright - order a show program for the New Year!

We choose how thematic New Year's program, and just a beautiful and spectacular show for the holiday. Host for New Year's corporate party, dance groups, artists of the original genre, DJs and a lot of new products in the entertainment industry.

Order New Year's corporate attractions is an opportunity to delight all guests with cool interactive points and emphasize the theme for celebrating the New Year. Organize the New Year with attractions is 100% get the best corporate party.

You can also order a corporate party 2023 in the format of a quest! Imagine that all your employees are immersed in a fairy tale, specially designed individually. We take into account all the features and wishes and create quests that involve everyone!

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And the end of the New Year's quest can be where all employees are waiting for the New Year's table and light alcoholic drinks. Order a corporate party for the New Year in this format you can just now!

You can spend a holiday outside the city! Country complexes and hotels provide pleasant options for accommodation and events at this time. However, here it will be difficult to organize transport for the transportation of all your employees, as well as, outside of which establishments, the organization of catering for a buffet table. But we can take care of everything to do and organize a turnkey corporate 2023.

Order a show program for the New Year

What makes your corporate event interesting and bright? Of course, the show program for the event!

Together with our clients, we choose the best rides for New Year's corporate party, we select artists: magicians, dancers, vocalists and musicians for the New Year's vent, and also think over the scenario of each event to the smallest detail.

Creating a themed New Year is a guarantee of colorful photos and videos from the holiday, as well as memories for many months.

If you order the organization of an event for the New Year in advance, you get the widest possible choice of artists, venues and decor companies. Booking in October and November is your peace of mind before the New Year holidays and the opportunity to choose the best and even save.

We are waiting for you at a personal meeting to discuss all the details of your event and create a holiday that will motivate and inspire all year round!

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