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New Year is a holiday for which most companies start preparing in advance. Our event agency has already started receiving requests for organization and holding of New Year's corporate parties... That is why we decided to tell you how to properly organize a corporate party for the New Year, so as not to miss anything and so that your holiday will go with a bang!

Where to start to have a fun winter corporate party?

Here, we think it is important to start. And start as early as possible - somewhere in late September, early October. Especially if you have a large company and celebrate the New Year's corporate party in Kharkiv need in a big way. After all, you must agree organize a New Year's corporate party in Kiev or Kharkov for 300-500 people will be more difficult than for a company of up to 50 guests. Why?

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  • It is difficult to find a location for a corporate party - a large number of guests suggests a spacious area. And, in fact, there are not very many of them. Therefore, getting ready organize a corporate event for the New Year for large companies, it is better to book a venue in early autumn. Then everyone will be calm and will be able to spend the evening in comfort.
  • The show program should be more intense. Since the firm employs many people with different tastes and interests, it is important to ensure that everyone has something to do at the corporate party, in addition to food and alcoholic beverages. Booked artists for corporate also from the beginning of autumn. If you keep going for a long time, then all the best and at a pleasant price can be "disassembled".
  • Plays a very important role presenter for a New Year's corporate party... The story with him is about the same as with the artists. Professional and popular presenters are picked up first. If you want the best, hurry up. In addition, we will reveal the secret, the closer the New Year is, the faster the prices rise. Booked in September, agreed on the cost and forgot.
  • New Year is a holiday that requires a themed decor. In order for everything to be done as efficiently as possible, on time and at an acceptable the cost of registration of a New Year's corporate party, it's better to pre-order. Especially if we are talking about large-scale holidays.

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What can go wrong: acute issues of organizing New Year's corporate parties in Kharkov.

If you plan to organize a holiday but the New Year with your own hands, then our company for holding events is simply obliged to "throw you a lifebuoy." What does it mean? This means that we will share with you some small life hacks on how to make the event successful and fun and without consequences.

If the budget allows you, although, in fact, the services of an event agency are only about 10% of the total amount, it is better to order a New Year's holiday from those who can and knows how to do it. Because sometimes the participation of an event agency not only saves nerves and time, but also saves the budget.

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ?! Would you like us to call you back?

Fill out the feedback form and our operators will contact you within 10-15 minutes!

But if you want organize a corporate party for the New Year independently, or, perhaps, control the work of the event agency, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • It is important to think over not only the New Year's scenario, but also the logistics of the holiday: how the guests will be robbed, how best to seat them, how the air conditioning system works (for example, whether it will be possible to blow up smoke or burn sparklers).
  • Pay attention to the technical support of the holiday: if you want to order the performance of a cover band, then it has a technical rider and there will be no concert without him. And if you do not worry about the equipment in advance, then you may not have time to book any sound equipment.
  • Calculate your food and alcohol intake carefully. It is important that there is enough for everyone, but at the same time, you should not turn a corporate holiday into a pyanka. This can turn into big problems from banal discomfort in the team to financial penalties from the institution where you celebrate the New Year.
  • Untouchable stock. This is such a thing that is just a must-have at every big holiday: something was broken, some of the artists urgently need to provide an additional transfer, something is missing. And here you, like a magic wand, with your untouchable supply, solve all the problems. He may, of course, not be needed, but it is better to be prepared for anything)

We know many more secrets of how to conduct a corporate event "excellently" and will soon share them with you. But we recommend that you do not wait, but start preparing for the holiday right now! You can contact us and we will easily and without any problems hold your New Year's corporate party, taking into account all your wishes. Or try to make an event with your own hands. The choice is yours!

In any case, we wish you good winter holidays and bright corporate events.

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