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Choosing the format of a corporate event?

Do you want to organize team building for employees, but at the same time it would be cool to have a quest? Now there is no need to choose, because a creative agency for organizing events in Kharkov has combined these formats and got something new and incredibly interesting!

The organization of team building in the quest format is a new top service in the event field. Why is this format gaining popularity and in demand among the most successful corporations?

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  • The ability to choose a variety of topics: patriot games, a jousting tournament, treasure hunting, mind games - Pro100 Event Agency will select for you the idea of team building, depending on the characteristics of your company. There are no restrictions!
  • Combining tasks of different complexity and activity: a team building quest is an opportunity to harmoniously combine active games and attractions (such as crazy basketball or even tug of war) with logic and coordination games. Thanks to experienced team building organizers, the quest route will be thought out to the smallest detail, which means that none of the participants will feel discomfort or fatigue.
  • Suitable for companies of different sizes: organization of team building for a large company or for a company with a staff of 20 people - it does not matter, because all participants are divided into equal teams and their number can be any
  • An individual scenario will help solve the tasks that this particular company sets for itself. We develop an idea for a corporate party, depending on what goal you are pursuing: to unite the team or identify its problems, introduce employees or discover new talents.

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ?! Would you like us to call you back?

Fill out the feedback form and our operators will contact you within 10-15 minutes!

Quest team building is an opportunity to relax and work through all the difficulties that arise in the organization. From our own experience, we know that after such events, employees return to the office in high spirits and share their emotions for a long time.

To conduct such a team building format, the correct selection of a leader is very important, because it very often depends on him how involved the team members will be and what atmosphere will reign during the test. Our event agency works only with the best corporate hosts, which means that they have the necessary skills and experience to work with any audience.

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ?! Would you like us to call you back?

Fill out the feedback form and our operators will contact you within 10-15 minutes!

Where is the best place to organize a team building quest?

Undoubtedly, the best place for team building is in nature. After all, it is in the open area that you will have the opportunity to use overall attractions for rent, and also, in the summer, to play games in the water.

Country complexes are perfect, on the territory of which you can organize a variety of activities and use different locations without worrying about security or that someone might interfere with the quest.
By the way, if we talk about safety, it is very important to consider that playing in nature is always a risk of scratching or bruising. In addition, do not forget about insect bites. Therefore, if you are planning to hold a corporate party in nature somewhere far from civilization, do not forget to take a health worker and the minimum necessary first aid kit with you.

In addition to nature, you can also use urban locations, which will help reduce transport costs. For example, art venues with large pavilions or multi-storey conference halls are suitable. In each separate hall or its zone, you can equip any stage of the quest, using the space to the maximum.

Ordering a team building quest in Kharkiv is not so easy, because few companies already work in this format. If you are reading this text, then you are lucky and you have found the very event agency that will help you solve your problems and make the event effective, useful and interesting.

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