Today, a very fashionable trend in photo printing is printing photos on a magnet. This type of registration of commemorative photographs is a very unusual and original solution for a gift to all guests.


Often, various points of activity, aimed at increasing the efficiency of teamwork, become part of corporate events or conferences.


Each leader wants to see his team cohesive, purposeful and motivated. A friendly atmosphere among employees greatly enhances the success of any company. And the leader is right who does not spare money for regular team building... The invested funds will quickly pay off, thanks to the more efficient work of the team. Therefore, do not save on such an important event and order attractions for a corporate event from Pro100 Event Agency.

Exclusive attractions for team building in Kharkov and Kiev

Thanks to our points of activity, the event will be original, fun and unforgettable. We offer entertainment for team building outdoors and indoors, for small teams and large enterprises.

What kind team games for team building Will active people like it? Table hockey or air hockey, mini golf, darts, medieval shooting range, tug of war... Players will be able to share into teams and show who is the strongest, agile and most skillful!

Among the most fun rides - mouse, cockroaches and pig race, RC car racing or quadcopters and "Megatwister". They blur the lines between bosses and subordinates, men and women. Everyone is divided into players and fans, support each other and have fun even if they lose.

Want to add some excitement? Then we recommend ordering rides "Away casino","Mafia","Wheel of Fortune"Or" Roulette ". They will take you to the atmosphere of Las Vegas, where money flows like champagne. By the way, about alcohol! If you are a modern leader, please your team with the cult American game "Beer Pong". The main thing is to keep track of the amount you drink!

Attractions and activity points for team building



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Provide the best Games and Attractions for Team Building

Recently, there is a trend on team building games in nature... This is due to the fact that many companies motivate employees to give up bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. We provide such clients rides for team competitions, for example, armwrestling table or equipment for playing disc golf.

For large companies, we can organize a football championship, beach or usual volleyball, swimming and even fight in the boxing ring. Team rides will appeal to a team of young and active people who are bored of having a rest in the format of a buffet table and disco.

5 reasons to rent Activity Points and Attractions:

  1. Team building - People interact much more efficiently when they are united by one goal - for example, winning a game.
  1. Positive emotions - Drive, delight, excitement, fun - such emotions give attractions and activity points for team building... Your employees will start working in the same mood.
  1. Non-standard rest - No one else can be surprised with a disco, dance group or concert. And our rides for team building for rent surprise from the first second!
  1. Affordable prices - With us you will not go over budget, because prices for attractions acceptable for any company.
  1. We work on a turnkey basis - Our specialists will carry out assembly and disassembly of attractions, will give instructions and even act as presenters or referees.

Rent of attractions for corporate or team building in Kharkov and Kiev - correct solution! We will help your team to relax and tune in to effective work!


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