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Banker - sounds solid and at the same time very serious. Bank employees must meet many standards, their work is a lot of little things and details that must not be overlooked. Therefore, it is important that financiers are attentive, rested and able to work in a team. One of the ways to accomplish these tasks is to conduct team building for employees in the banking sector.

It seems to us that it is important for every manager to provide the most comfortable working conditions. This can be achieved through team building in the office or in nature, having team building games on the weekend or even just on a weekday. Believe me, all customers who ordered from us organization of team building, noticed how relations within the team have changed and how the results have improved after the introduction of such events and team building in the organization.

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Which team building is suitable for banking workers

How to organize a team building for bankers?

Working in a bank is a sedentary and monotonous job. In order to achieve maximum effect, you need to change the usual course of events. We will tell you about the stages of preparation for team building our clients go through:

  • Date selection. It is better to determine it in advance and notify all employees. So the event will have the maximum number of people and everyone will be prepared. It is important to organization of team building did not fall on the busiest days, otherwise, the company may experience difficulties.
  • Location selection. Can do office team building or send employees to nature or even hold a team building at sea. It all depends on your capabilities. We, Pro100 Event Agency, recommend in any case to choose sites outside the building where people work every day. Unless, of course, this is a team building surprise on a weekday. Agree, on your day off you don’t really want to come back to the same office.
  • Choice of subject. Every organization has its own atmosphere. A good leader knows what his subordinates like best: active or inactive rest, intellectual quests or sports. We will help you find a unique concept that is right for you.
  • Format selection. Master classes, quests, team-building games, sports activities, riddles and much more. Today you can find virtually any format for any budget.
  • Choice of filling. You can get by with simple games that do not need complex props. And you can order the rental of attractions and activity points. You can hold team games with mentors or organize a quest in which participants go through the game on their own.

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ?! Would you like us to call you back?

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Team building in nature

The most popular time for corporate team building - summer. It is at this time that you can calmly take all the employees out into nature and spend the whole day in the fresh air. For bank office workers, this is the best option. What to do with financiers in nature?

You can arrange:

  • Basketball or football matches. Tournament between branches or between all cashiers and all collectors. Such entertainment will help maintain a healthy spirit of competition.
  • Water battles. In the summer, when it's hot outside, why not make war with water guns or water balloons? It's fun, exciting and takes us back a little to childhood.
  • Paintball or laser tag competitions.
  • Quest for orientation in the area. And along the way, also solve logical problems. A complete hit on both introverts and extroverts.

We have hundreds more ideas on how to make yours team building in Kharkov or beyond unrepeatable. Write, call, leave a request and we will organize the brightest event in the life of your office!

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