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Teachers are the people on whom the future depends. After all, every day they put good, bright and smart things into the heads of our children. So, they especially need a good rest and a change in their usual environment.  Organization of team building in Kharkov - a good opportunity to give a positive charge and strength for the academic semester ahead. After all, a good mood among educators is a guarantee of a good mood for schoolchildren. The truth is, whoever has a good rest, he works well - justifies himself for everything 100%.

As the practice of cooperation between Pro100 Event Agency and educators shows, the teams consist mainly of women. This means that the atmosphere can sometimes be not the most friendly. Team building in nature, or anywhere else, team building exercises, active team building - all this helps to unite employees (in this case, employees). Thanks to this, we fulfill the main goal of any organization - to increase productivity and help build relationships within the team. By the way, good relations in the team are the key to greater non-material motivation.

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What team building options to choose?

If you want to conduct team building for teachers, it is better to choose something related to creativity, teamwork and organization of joint processes. This way you will get as close as possible to the goal of team building for school and university staff. It is in such formats that the qualities necessary for organizing the educational process and working with children are developed.

  • Try sports team building. Teachers often sit or stand still. Organizing team sports games or team building activities with active tasks is a good way to have fun, make friends, and get away from the routine.
  • Team building quest. This is a format that will help you think, spend time actively and build relationships within the team. Here you can choose almost any topic and hold team building in the office or outdoors, in summer or winter - it doesn’t matter at all.
  • Team building competition. You can choose several options for various tasks, both logical and active, which will help each of the participants show their strengths. Teams can and should be re-formed during the entire team building. After all, working with different people, you need to find different communication strategies and approaches.

According to our experience in organizing team building, such types of it are most suitable and solve the main tasks. Although, in each case, everything is individual and we are working out a strategy for the goals, objectives and opportunities. That is why it is better to turn to specialists and order team building in Kharkov. This will help you achieve accurate results and save money.

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Team Building Ideas

We always have good ideas for a good team building. Our team shares with you scenarios for several activities:

1. Shooting an ad or clip

In any school there are teachers of the humanities and exact sciences. Why not each of the industries tell about their specialization in a colorful and bright way. For everyone it will be a new experience, because you have to work with the camera, cameraman, director. But many would like to feel like a Hollywood star. Yes, and such team building is an opportunity to show a creative approach and take a fresh look at already familiar things.

2. Quest based on the movie

We all love cinema and often dreamed of feeling like its heroes. This team building idea gives a chance to realize dreams. In organizing such an event, you will need the help of professionals. Which:

  • Adapt the story of the film to the conditions of the event
  • Write a unique script for your employees
  • They will select props, actors and moderators.

In general, they will make sure that everything works well and according to the scenario.

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3. Almost "Olympic Games"

Such a scenario can be filled with any activity points and attractions for team building. Rent a crossbow shooting range or order mini-golf. Arrange a battle in paintball and even laser tag. This team building format can include many different methods and games for team building.

Order team building is to give good emotions to employees and increase the productivity of the organization.

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