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We all make mistakes sometimes. And to be wrong is good and even correct ... But if we are given a prompt in time, then most likely we will achieve the result faster and will be able to save not only time, but also finances. It's just that Event Egency always takes care of its customers, both present and future, so we are happy to share with you the secrets of how to avoid mistakes in organizing team building.

If you decide to order a team building or organize a corporate party on your own, it is important for you to consider:

  • The average age of the company's employees - after all, age often determines interests and hobbies.
  • The field of activity of the company: if you have an organization associated with the development of modern technologies, for example, then both the theme and the content of the team building should be appropriate. If your company has more employees who prefer a calm format of recreation, then it is important to take this into account in preparation so that team building does not create discomfort.
  • Budget size. Of course, sometimes you want to roam, but finances do not allow. Proper budget allocation and an understanding of how much you are ready and willing to give for the organization of team building will help you prioritize and make the event truly rewarding.
  • The purpose of the team building. In order to get the result and evaluate the success of the event, it is important to understand what the task is before it: to introduce employees of different departments, to unite the team, to work out problem areas in the work, and so on. The main task is always the same, and if you managed to get some additional effects, you really managed to organize an effective team building.

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What else is important not to miss?

When conducting team building and corporate events, you will come across a lot of details that can spoil the event. Let's talk about the most common difficulties:

  • Transfer problems. If you are organizing a corporate event or team building outside the city, then you should think about how your employees will get there. Perhaps for someone this will become a problem and immediately set the person up for negativity.
  • Food. We all love to communicate, communicate and build relationships, but it's best not to do it on an empty stomach. If you are going to have a long team building, take care of the food: offsite catering will be able to solve this issue easily and without worries.
  • Overloaded program. Everyone needs to relax sometimes, even if you want to get the maximum result, still leave time for free communication and relaxation. Oversaturation with emotions and activities can also cause a certain level of stress.
  • The leader is part of the team. Many directors and founders of companies prefer to stay away from corporate events, or attend only the official part. If you want to organize an effective team building, the director must be included in all activities and communicate with his employees on an equal footing. Observing the rules of subordination, of course)

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And, of course, it is important to realize that ordering a team building is not a salvation from all the problems of the company. Working on team building and cohesion is a long-term strategy and constant activity is necessary to achieve the maximum effect.

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