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Each profession has its own specifics. What is the difference between representatives of the service sector? These are the people who work with people on a daily basis. They are the ones who encounter visitors and customers every day. Therefore, the organization of corporate events for these people is an integral part of the corporate culture. The goal of team building is to unite the team, relieve stress and tension within the team. And this is exactly what all service workers need so much.

Our event agency will tell you about team building ideas and why it is better and cheaper order team building in Kharkov from professionals than to organize it yourself. Our experience in holding events of various sizes gives us the opportunity to hold the brightest, most positive, rich and memorable corporate events and team building.

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Team building for service workers

What is special about team building for service workers?

First of all, this is work with people, which means that during the event, maximum attention is paid to communication and interaction of employees on the site. After all, a restaurant, a service station, any service center is a single mechanism in which it is important to rally the spirit, maintain motivation and healthy competition. There are many types and options of team building, but outdoor events in nature are the most popular now.

Organization of team building outside the usual workplace provides the following benefits:

  • A change of scenery. In the new environment, many workers can start to act in a new way. For example, some of the team building tasks will reveal someone's leadership qualities.
  • Benefit for health. Summer team building or even winter team building on the go is a good vacation for health. Fresh air, activity and positive emotions in combination give good productivity and the opportunity to get a charge for a couple of months in advance.
  • Mass character. If you have a large network or a company with several branches, then it will be uncomfortable and perhaps even unrealistic to fit everyone in the office. Rest in the forest, at a recreation center or in a country complex is an opportunity to involve all employees and organize work between different departments.
  • Wide range of entertainment. Rental of sports attractions and activity points, quest team building, role-playing games - the fantasy is virtually unlimited. Choose what you like, be inspired by the ideas of the Prosto Event agency and get the most!

For workers in the service sector, it is possible and necessary to select such tasks for team building that are as close as possible to the conditions of their work. Adapted races or joint solving of tasks close to life will help employees find a way out of similar incidents in life.

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Team building for service workers

Ideas for outdoor team building

Remember the TV show "Fort Boyard"? Such intensity of passions still needs to be looked for. Why not borrow the concept for a team building event? Let your employees search for the keys to secret rooms, complete tasks and solve riddles from the key keepers. And in the end, of course, they will find a treasure. Who hasn't dreamed of finding a treasure as a child?!

You can style each of the rooms, and the entire team building scenario as a whole, to suit the daily tasks of your business. Let the custodians ask questions related to the clients of your business, and the tasks will reflect the essence of the activities of each of the employees. In the form of a team building game, they will easily and cheerfully find a way out of situations that previously seemed difficult.

If you cannot find an advisor team building ideas online, or the whole script is about you, but not about you a little - contact our event managers and they will select a unique story for you. We sincerely want to give every business the opportunity to be more productive and better!

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